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Kundalini starts its activity back in 1996, when it developed the intuition of a new typology of lamps, extremely innovative and outrageous forms of light, symptomatic of a strong identity and a product culture expression of a universal language.

Since Kundalini has been considerably successful, to the point of being in Italy and abroad one of the most published company in its field. Kundalini has been classified by the international contemporary design community as a pioneering company not only for the development of the new themes that it has introduced and which are now very widespread, but also for the innovative spirit of its style and the advanced research work in new production technologies and the new materials.

draws inspiration from different worlds. From nature, industrial landscapes or the visual arts. In what is always a perfectly calibrated synthesis of function and emotion. Kundalini counts on the cooperation of emerging talents, internationally renowned designers and architects who are sharing and underlining the company mission.

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EERO floor lamp, Kundalini
848,73 Euroinstead of 912,61 Euro
Designer lamp  wall lamp Kundalini Shakti wall
231,64 Euroinstead of 249,08 Euro
Spillo ceiling lamp by Kundalini
243,33 Euroinstead of 261,64 Euro
E.T.A. sat pendant by Kundalini
751,40 Euroinstead of 807,96 Euro
Noglobe table lamp, Kundalini
316,33 Euroinstead of 340,14 Euro
Designer floor lamp Kundalini E.T.A.
944,11 Euroinstead of 1.015,17 Euro
Design table lamp Kundalini E.T.A. baby
389,33 Euroinstead of 418,63 Euro
Yoga design floor lamp, Kundalini

Kundalini Yoga design floor lamp.

918,81 Euroinstead of 987,97 Euro
Wall lamp Kundalini Pixel
209,08 Euroinstead of 224,82 Euro
Floor lamp Kundalini Atomium indoor / outdoor
451,62 Euroinstead of 485,61 Euro
Suspension lamp Kundalini (Tronconi) Gina
583,99 Euroinstead of 627,95 Euro
Suspension lamp Kundalini Bokka
1.059,94 Euroinstead of 1.139,72 Euro
Table lamp Kundalini Bokka
1.059,94 Euroinstead of 1.139,72 Euro
Floor lamp Kundalini
656,00 Euroinstead of 705,38 Euro
Floor lamp Kundalini Shakti 250
637,65 Euroinstead of 685,64 Euro
Floor lamp Kundalini Shakti 200
527,59 Euroinstead of 567,30 Euro
Suspension lamp Kundalini Shakti Sky
589,83 Euroinstead of 634,23 Euro
Floor lamp Kundalini Sama
648,22 Euroinstead of 697,01 Euro
Table lamp Kundalini Sama Table
262,78 Euroinstead of 282,56 Euro
Bowlamp Kundalini Kyudo
LED Bowlamp Kundalini Kyudo with 43,2W 3000k LED strips.
2.088,64 Euro
Frame wall lamp
188,82 Euroinstead of 203,03 Euro
Evita wall lamp, Kundalini
317,69 Euroinstead of 341,60 Euro
Evita floor lamp, Kundalini
1.117,58 Euroinstead of 1.201,70 Euro
Frame wall lamp HQI
341,63 Euroinstead of 367,34 Euro
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