Segula Floating group
Dining table with Segula Floating family in different sizes
Segula Floating detail
Floating bulbs by Segula seen from below
Olev Beam Stick Ballotone Style
Direct lighting with swiveling mini spots at an angle, dining table lighting without glare with Olev Beam Stick Nuance
Toscot Montecristo
Elegant and high-quality wall cube Montecristo from Toscot
Indirect lighting bathroom
Scenography lighting with floor spots behind the organic bathtub - a dream!
Vibia Palma
Vibia Palma hanging light with two balls for decorative lighting and enhancing the corridor.
Segula Floating
Dining table lighting with a group of different Segula floating bulbs
Olev Beam Stick Nuance Ballotone
Group of pendant lamps with Olev Beam Stick Nuance on the dining table
Recessed floor spotlights
Recessed floor spotlights in the bathroom for ambient lighting
Floating, Segula ambient lighting
Hanging lamp for nightstands, Floating by Segula
Olo by 9010
Filled wall spotlight Olo from 9010 - Coco from 9010 - frameless.
Mini-Spots Duschenbeleuchtung
Privatloft Copyright Frank Nehry, Urban Park, Obermais