Installation of Luminaire

Luminaire installation for Our Customers

Installing luminaires and lamps used to be an easy and fast thing. Today, it is complex and time-consuming because of the different light types, sizes, currents and dim-technologies. Sensible and technologically advanced luminaire types require skilled assembly and careful connection to ensure the longevity of the light sources. 

We offer professional installation services for all luminaires and lamps purchased from us. Whether it's at your home, for your hotel project, or your business, we install all luminaires with care and professionalism.

Fast and Efficient

Our in-house installation electricians are available for our project installations and are in direct contact with our planners. This means that each lighting point is realized as intended through coordination. Due to high demand, it is advisable to plan and schedule installations in advance. Our electricians have the necessary expertise and experience, allowing them to work quickly and efficiently. 

Clean and Professional

Take advantage of our installation service for a clean and hassle-free process. Our experienced team knows how to handle delicate luminaires and ensures that rooms and construction sites are left clean and meticulous. 

Installing lamps is not always as simple as it sounds. Fortunately, there are professionals for such cases. When purchasing luminaires or placing an order, inquire about our professional installation services, and we will be happy to assist you.