Philip with his parents Wally and Georg Platino.  

40 Years

South Tyrolean family business Platinlux

As a family business, we have a stable core and a business philosophy that is one hundred percent focused on long-term, healthy relationships with our customers, suppliers, and employees. We are your contact for lighting and lamps, and apart from legal requirements, we also think in terms of humanity and conscientiousness. This gives you maximum security.
Let us inspire, advise, and illuminate you.

In addition to our local lighting store in South Tyrol, we operate this online shop for lamps and lighting and a wholesale business for luminaires. Online shopping is a matter of trust. Our lighting company has been in existence since 1983 and therefore has a solid and reputable business foundation. We see ourselves as "service providers" when it comes to lighting. Especially in online commerce and retail in South Tyrol, we strive to offer our customers interesting lighting producers that are not so easy to find on the mainstream market, but we also carry the major brands in our industry.

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Visit us directly at our retail store in Burgstall, South Tyrol, Italy.

Location and Directions

Sincerity & Family

As a real family company, we have a stable core and a business philosophy, which is orientated 100% on healthy long-term relationships with our clients, our suppliers and our employees. We are your contact and apart from your normal rights and the law, we think in a conscientious and human way. This gives you the maximum of safety.

Reliable and Comfortable

Your orders go through a lot of experienced hands in our company. Each configuration gets checked manually. So we check if the bulb fits to the lamp, if the colors were chosen logically, if the base of the table really fits to the chosen table lamp and if the shipping address is complete. If there are any doubts, we will ask you to avoid any bad surprises.

Automation versus Manual Elaboration

We are technologically relatively well equipped. But we try to do our processing without too much automation. This has a few reasons. First, the client as a human is the most important thing for us. And as lighting is emotional we just find it important to have a direct and emotional relation and current personal contact between us, our customers, supplier and our employees. Too much automation prevents such a relationship. Another reason is, that we check each order personally for mistakes or problems like the compatibility of single parts. And to be honest and tell you a wonderful side fact – we still get products of small suppliers with hand written article numbers on the packing, what is very nice, but has a higher requirement of inspections. 

Environmentally friendly & Conscientious

As a lighting company, we have additional responsibility, because our behavior is like a multiplicator for all our clients. If we give you the right advice we will influence your consume behavior and help to act environmentally friendly. For eaxample, we have to offer the right bulbs and materials for the right situation but also tell you the production location of a producer. That for we sign each product which is “made in Italy” with a badge in the first line, instead showing you the shipping time already in the thumbnail. Of course, we try whenever it is possible to pack environmentally friendly and reuse packaging. Further, we do use modern carton shredders with low energy consumption to reuse even the worn out cartons as likable and safe filling instead of throwing them away.

Quality & Price

We mainly trade high quality brands, but you probably will not find all products of each manufacturer. One reason (but it must not be alrways the reason) is that we just choose products, which convince us with their quality and price. Apart from this, we really know nearly all products, or at least the product family not just from the pictures but in real life. We try to offer those high quality products for the best possible price, but first and foremost we try to offer the best relationship between quality, price and service to guarantee a nice shopping experience for you.

Our lighting purchase department is well organized – and it has to be so. We work with over 100 italian suppliers, some of them are just manufactures. Our daily work is to check orders, shipping times and insure that small suppliers do not handle orders “alla italiana”.  We are able to do this work better than most of the other online stores, because we do speak three languages (native German and Italian and English as a foreign language) and we do have a real store with a longtime experience. That for we can, in emergency cases, call responsible persons directly and trade or try to accelerate things in their monther thong.

We are your reliable partner when it comes to your lighting needs, and I stand behind that with my name.

Philip Platino