Outdoor lighting

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Camilla outdoor rechargeable lamp by Toscot
Terracotta rechargeable light for outdoor use Camilla by Toscot The turtle made of resistant terracotta is equipped with a dimmable (touch) and rechargeable 1.5W LED light source on its belly and emits 220lm with a light color of 2700k. The rechargeable battery lasts 12 hours at maximum brightness and 24 hours at minimum brightness. The terracotta body is available in different colors and two sizes 25x20x14.5cm and 42x27.5x23cm. The outdoor lamp has IP55 protection.

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Sfera outdoor ceiling light by Il Fanale
Outdoor ceiling lighting made of brass and glass Sfera by Il Fanale Round outdoor ball lamp for the ceiling made partly from antique brass and partly from white glossy glass. Inside the glass is an E14 socket in the small ceiling lamp with a diameter of 20cm, the large one with a diameter of 30cm has an E27 socket. The round ceiling light is suitable for outdoor use thanks to IP65.

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CUP flexible bollard light by Isy Luce
Bollard lamp with movable head CUP by Isy Luce The Model Cup from Isy Luce is a bollard light with a flexibly adjustable light beam. The head of the bollard lamp is equipped with a GU10 socket and can be rotated, making it possible to individually adjust the light beam. The bollard lamp is only available in anthracite and has a height of 80cm. Matching this bollard light, a bollard lamp with two movable spotlights and a wall light with a movable head are also available.

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Orbit mini LED wall lamp by Light Point
LED wall light Orbit mini up/down by Light Point The Orbit mini wall lamp is suitable for indoor and outdoor use (IP54) and spreads a total of 720lm. The integrated LED falls up and down through a special lens, creating a pleasant light on the wall. The aluminum lamp Orbit mini is available in white, black, gold rose and titanium with a dimmable LED. The gold rose and titanium anodized finishes are not recommended for outdoor use as the color will fade over time.

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New lighting and lamps

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Horizon brass suspension lamp by Il Fanale
Brass and glass pendant light Made in Italy Horizon by Il Fanale Il Fanale has a small but very special hanging lamp in its range with its Horizon. Like every model, the Horizon is made of hand-crafted brass and glass. The small hanging lamp with a diameter of 13.8cm and a height of just 9.7cm is intended as a group combination, but can of course also be mounted as a single light, e.g. above a bedside table. The pendant lamp consists of a top-shaped body. The upper part is available in ON-Brass Natural or MM-Morocco and the lower part is made of white etched glass. The cable of the hanging lamp is available in 3m, 5m or 10m. The Horizon is equipped with a 2700k LED at 6W and emits a total of 750lm. Important note: The Horizon was intended as a group combination, which is why no ceiling canopy and no driver are included in the price of this lamp. The following accessories can be ordered separately for the pendant light: Single ceiling canopy (including dimmable Triac driver) Single built-in ceiling canopy (without driver) 2-6 lights radial ceiling canopy (including dimmable DALI/PUSH/1-10V driver) 2-12 lights radial ceiling canopy (including dimmable DALI/PUSH/1-10V driver) Cable holder

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Round brass mirror with LED lighting
Illuminated round brass wall mirror with dimmable LED light source This mirror has a simple design equipped with a powerful LED light source. The wall mirror, suitable for the bathroom, a hallway or as a make-up mirror in a bedroom, is made of brass and available in different designs. The special thing about this mirror is the light distribution. The mirror has a protruding edge of 5cm on which the LED light source is mounted all around, thus illuminating the entire mirror surface evenly. On the edge there is also an on/off button with which the mirror can not only be switched on and off, but also dimmed. The mirror with two light sources has two buttons. This allows both light sources to be switched on and off or dimmed separately. The mirror is available in the colors black, brass and corten, in the dimensions Ø60cm (1500lm) and Ø80cm (2000lm). The mirror is also available in light colors 2700k or 3000k. It is possible to order the mirror only with direct light (LED only to the front) or with direct and indirect light (LED to the front and back).

NOVELTY: Delivery time 15 working days
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Collide Double ceiling lamp by Rotaliana
Ceiling light with direct and indirect light Collide Double by Rotaliana The family of Collide ceiling lights with indirect lighting is expanding to include two more models. What is special about the new models is not only the strong indirect lighting, but also the new LED in the middle of the ceiling lamp with direct light emission. Another point is that the height of the lamp can be adjusted slightly from a minimum of 12cm to a maximum of 14.5cm. The LED with direct lighting downwards is embedded in an aluminum ring over which there is a crystal lens and spreads a pleasant light downwards all around. This model is available in two dimensions, the Collide H3 Double with Ø49.5cm and the Collide H4 Double with Ø65cm and the following colors: matt white, matt black, graphite, silver and champagne. The Collide H3 Double has a total of 4 LEDs with 1300lm downwards and 4500lm upwards, the Collide H4 Double has a total of 5 LEDs with 1300lm downwards and 6000lm upwards. Both have a light color of 2700k. Important note: On request it is possible to order the aluminum ring above the glass lens in a different color than the rest of the Collide Double ceiling light, available colors are: white matt, bronze matt, copper matt, powder gun matt, gold matt, nickel matt and black matt. A light color of 3000k is also available upon request. Delivery time: This model is a novelty that will be available from June.

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C2681 Copacabana pendant light by Ferroluce
Ceramic suspension lamp Copacabana C2681 by Ferroluce The Ferroluce Copacabana C2681 hanging light consists of a satin opal glass element and a ceramic element, available in the colors: CRM-Cream, GIA-Yellow, VSA-Sage green and MOK-Moka. The shape of the ceramic holder was inspired by one of the famous mosaic paved paths in Rio de Janeiro, hence the name Copacabana. Inside the glass there is an E14 light bulb socket.

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Designer Lamps

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Plena pendant light by Foscarini
Hanging lamp with indirect light Plena by Foscarini Plena is a pendant lamp by Foscarini consisting of a large diffuser that, thanks to its shape and rounded lines, appears very light, almost like a floating object. The lamp is suitable above a dining table, in the living room as well as in the bedroom and is glare-free because the light source emits an indirect light downwards and is invisible. The COB LED of the Plena hanging lamp is located inside the supporting arch and is made of die-cast aluminum. The light source shines a direct light upwards onto the large reflector, which then reflects the light downwards giving off a wide beam angle. In total, the lamp spreads 3530lm with a light color of 2700k. The pendant light also spreads some light upwards. The model is available not dimmable, dimmable Push/DALI or dimmable with Bluetooth (MyLight with Casambi App).

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SOL LED floor light by Rotaliana
Powerful and elegant LED floor lamp SOL by Rotaliana The floor lamp Sol by Rotaliana is an elegant piece, functional and powerful. Consisting of rounded shapes, the 185cm high lamp spreads a direct light upwards and a glare-free light downwards. On the upper side of the floor lamp there are a total of 128 LED points that together spread 5100lm upwards. On the lower side, on the other hand, there are a total of 96 LED points that spread a total of 1900lm and are glare-free thanks to the grid optics. This grid look consists of different squares and is available in the colors: matt black, matt white, glossy chrome and glossy gold. The grid optics is not only functional, but an important part that contributes to the design of the lamp. The structure of the floor lamp is available in the color’s graphite, matt black, matt white and satin bronze. On the thin rod there are two switches with which the two light sources can be dimmed separately or the light sources can be switched off completely. Note: We have published a small selection of colors online. All other colors are available on request.

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