Eglo – my light, my style

1969 marks the starting signal for the EGLO success story: Ludwig Obwieser launches the enterprise “EGLO Leuchten”. In 1976 the inauguration of the first own manufacturing plant in Pill in the Tyrol / Austria is a further milestone. Due to the persistent development of new markets there are now more than 50 sales companies worldwide, all of which are mostly autonomous in their market operations. Today, EGLO is one of the most successful providers worldwide of decorative lighting solution for residential purposes.

Light is life

Light is an essential component for our spiritual and physical well-being. It creates harmony, joy, glory, and turns Night into Day. It defines our bio-rhythm.

Used properly, light contributes to using your potential better in your daily lives. A glare-free environment at the workplace in the office, or in the kitchen makes your work easier, because you see more and better and tire less quickly.

Light for people and nature

Sustainable development and environmental protection are not just phrases at EGLO – we are actively promoting both. For example, we use only recyclable and environmentally friendly materials and packaging with a volume as small as possible, and with our decentralized warehousing the transportation distances are as short possible. Of course, used packaging is disposed of properly and as required by law.

And not lastly it is a major concern for us to convince our customers of the necessity of protecting the environment. After all, when using LED technology you are not only saving on energy and money, but you also preserve valuable resources and do not utilize hazardous substances such as mercury.