Designer Lamps

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Elara medium round lighting by Lodes
Ring-shaped pendant lighting Elara medium by Lodes Novelty 2023 available from end of May The designer lamp Elara by Lodes was inspired by the trajectory of our planets. The result is a hanging lamp made of two thin circles and a spherical light body with LED. The outer ring with a diameter of 60cm and the inner ring with a diameter of 58.8cm are connected to each other, whereby the smaller ring can be rotated flexibly. The small sphere on the other hand is equipped with two LED light sources, spreads a pleasant light downwards and upwards and can be rotated 360°. One LED spreads over 2000lm the other over 800lm. Available light colors are 2700k or 3000k, dimmable phase cut (Triac). By tilting the inner ring and rotating the LED light source, a unique play of shadows is created on the wall and ceiling which can be individually changed by moving the individual parts. The hanging lamp Elara medium is available in glossy black or glossy gold for the rings and ceiling rosette, matt black and matt gold for the metal sphere. Elara medium, also available in a larger version, is suitable thanks to its round and simple lines over a dining table, in the bedroom and living room over counters and reception desks.

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Chiocciola LED reading lamp by Lumen Center
Designer LED reading lighting Chiocciola by Lumen Center Unique designer reading lamp made of metal and walnut Canaletto with a tilting rod and a rotating spot. The reading lamp Chiocciola is ideal for reading next to a sofa or reading chair. The reading lamp consists of a round and stable lamp base made of metal and wood. A thin and stable metal bar with a total length of 150cm then leads upwards from the foot. The upper part of the rod is slightly curved and equipped with a flexibly adjustable spot. The spot is equipped with a 1400lm LED and a light color of 2700k. The complete rod with spot can also be tilted. The lamp is available in matt white or matt black. Chiocciola by Lumen Center is not only available as a reading lamp, but also as a table lamp or as a large floor lamp with an adjustable telescopic rod.

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Spokes 2 small suspension lamp by Foscarini
LED Pendant lamp Spokes 2 piccola by Foscarini The popular and well-known designer hanging lamp Spokes 2 by Foscarini is now also available as a mini version. The small but fine lamp has a round lamp head measuring 34x35cm made of thin and lacquered aluminum rods, available in the colors: white, black, graphite, gold or copper. On the lower side in the middle of the hanging lamp there are two LED modules that spread the light downwards and upwards. The lamp emits a pleasant cone of light downwards and the light forms a very special play of shadows upwards. The Spokes 2 piccola is available in three different versions: LED not dimmable, LED dimmable with On-Off/Push/DALI or LED dimmable with Bluetooth (MyLight).

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DRY H1 LED pendant light by Rotaliana
LED pendant lamp Dry H1 by Rotaliana The hanging lamp Dry H1 is a simple lamp with a diffuser reminiscent of an elegant cocktail glass. The luminaire made of painted steel is equipped with a high-quality LED of 16W, spreads 1460lm and a light color of 2700k. The diffuser has a Ø 26.5cm and spreads a wider beam of light onto the surface below. The white polycarbonate cover prevents the lamp from being dazzled. Dry H1 by Rotaliana is a suspension lamp that is suitable above a dining table and counter. The Dry H1 lamp is available in the matt colors black and white and in the satin color graphite, silver and champagne (satin colors 3 weeks delivery time). The ceiling rose has a diameter of 6cm and a height of 20cm. The color of the ceiling rose is the same as the shade. The hanging lamp is available with a non-dimmable or dimmable LED (phase cut). The luminaire can also be dimmed DALI on request. Note: on request, the lamp is available with different ceiling rosettes such as a rail with 90cm and 140cm or a round ceiling rosette with Ø 50cm (you can find an example under the photos of the lamp).

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New lighting and lamps

Doi LED lighting by Luceplan
LED spot for the wall and ceiling Doi by Luceplan Doi by Luceplan is a lamp consisting of two elements. The first element consists of a round holder with a diameter of 6cm and a depth/height of 10.5cm. Element two is a flexible tube with a diameter of 2.5cm and a length of 18cm, equipped with a 2700k or 3000k LED. The entire lamp can be rotated (340°) or just the spot (265°). The LED Spot Doi is suitable as a wall light e.g., as a reading light next to a bed or sofa or as a flexible spotlight on the ceiling. The lamp is available in different color combinations: black/black, white/white, black/brass, white/black and black/white. The two versions with a white spot have a grooved surface structure and the black and brass spot have a smooth surface.

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Essenza D LED lighting by Icone
LED wall and ceiling lamp Essenza D by Icone Essenza is another lamp by Icone perfectly suited for indirect room lighting that not only spreads atmosphere, but is also an eye-catcher. Essenza D is suitable as a wall lamp and also as a ceiling lamp. The lamp consists of two parts. On the one hand it consists of a round, thin disc that reflects the light into the room and on the other hand, two metal strips that are parallel to the disc and carry the LED light source (2700k or 3000k). The metal strips are not in the middle of the Essenza D, but on the sides above the reflector. The lamp can be mounted in any direction, thus changing the position of the metal strips on the lamp. The Essenza D ceiling and wall lamp is available in 4 different sizes: Ø 30cm, Ø 47cm, Ø 70cm and Ø 90cm. The lamp is also available in different colors (round disc/metal rods): gold powder/brushed bronze, gold powder/black, gold powder/white, white/white and white/black. Other colors are available on request (see images for color combinations).

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Tidal LED ceiling lamp by Lodes
Ring-shaped LED ceiling light Tidal by Lodes Novelty 2023 available end of November Tidal is a ceiling lamp made of rounded lines captured in a modern and very special design that imitates the movement of the waves. The modern LED ceiling lamp has everything integrated into the lamp and spreads light downwards and upwards on the ceiling. Equipped with an LED the Tidal ceiling light spreads 4680lm at 2700k light color or 4700lm at 3000k. The integrated LED is dimmable (Triac / phase cut). The lamp is available in stained colors: matt white, matt champagne and terra.

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SOL LED floor light by Rotaliana
Powerful and elegant LED floor lamp SOL by Rotaliana The floor lamp Sol by Rotaliana is an elegant piece, functional and powerful. Consisting of rounded shapes, the 185cm high lamp spreads a direct light upwards and a glare-free light downwards. On the upper side of the floor lamp there are a total of 128 LED points that together spread 5100lm upwards. On the lower side, on the other hand, there are a total of 96 LED points that spread a total of 1900lm and are glare-free thanks to the grid optics. This grid look consists of different squares and is available in the colors: matt black, matt white, glossy chrome and glossy gold. The grid optics is not only functional, but an important part that contributes to the design of the lamp. The structure of the floor lamp is available in the color’s graphite, matt black, matt white and satin bronze. On the thin rod there are two switches with which the two light sources can be dimmed separately or the light sources can be switched off completely. Note: We have published a small selection of colors online. All other colors are available on request.

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Handmade | Made in Italy

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Lanterne Slim outdoor lantern by Il Fanale
Brass path lighting Lanterne Slim by Il Fanale High quality brass lamp suitable for outdoor use Handmade in Italy. Lanterne Slim is a floor lamp made of brass. The brass is also called antique brass because it is specially processed to give the lamp an outdated touch. A total of three different dimensions are available: 15x33.5cm / 20x43.5cm / 20x64cm. The series is equipped with an LED module with a light color of 2700k. The LED is installed in the upper area of the lamp and spreads a direct light downwards, creating a very special play of light on the floor. The lamp is phase cut dimmable (Triac) and has IP55 protection. Note: the lantern is not suitable for mobile use and must be fixed to the ground as indicated in the assembly instructions.

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Rosée hand-blown lamp by Vintage
Borosilicate glass pendant light Rosee by Vintage from Light4 With its new pendant light Vintage by Light4 is developing another unmistakable designer lamp. The special thing about the Rosée lamp is not only the hand-blown borosilicate glass, but also its flexibility. The main element of the designer lamp Rosée Medium and Rosée Big is the glass diffuser, available in the dimensions Ø 20cm and Ø 17cm and in the colors transparent, fumè and amber. The hand-blown glass has a smooth and oval shape except for the lower area, which has a unique pattern in the glass that is a little different for everyone. The glass has a thread in the upper area that is screwed into a metal holder and can therefore be unscrewed again at any time, for example when cleaning the glass. Inside the metal bracket there is a GU10 lamp holder, ideally suited for GU10 LED lamps. So, you are flexible in terms of light intensity, light color and dimming. You can also choose from three different metal colors or order the lamp with or without a ceiling canopy. The metal bracket is available in black, white or brushed gold. Available on request: multi- canopys (are used to let several lights hang down in the same place and then all of them to be connected to a single power outlet. The multi-rosettes are available in round, angular or elongated rails in matt white or matt black). built-in canopy power cable in black ceiling rose in white

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Novecento 900LAN outdoor lantern by Toscot
Terracotta outdoor wall lantern Novecento 930 by Toscot Small and nice, the new Novecento outdoor lantern from Toscot. Novecento is a large family of lights consisting of various pendant lights, wall lights and ceiling lights suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The Novecento 930 lantern for the outdoor area consists of two parts, a wall bracket with a shade, all made of terracotta and available in different colors. Part two is a protective glass available in transparent or white. The wall bracket of the lamp is 13x9,5cm, the total height is 25cm and the depth of the lamp is 25cm. The wall lamp Novecento lantern has an IP44 protection. The lamp is equipped with an E27 socket and can be equipped with E27 lamps with a maximum Ø of 6cm. Important: all Toscot lights, including the Novecento 930, are only produced on request. There is a multitude of different colors to choose from the lamp. Those colors that are on the color palette but not among the colors that can be ordered, can be ordered on request. The colors ordered on request are not subject to the general right of return and cannot be returned.

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Country C1442 pendant light by Ferroluce
Ceramic pendant lamp Country C1442 by Ferroluce C1442 is a timeless suspension lamp in shabby chic style made of ceramic. The surface of the pendant lamp by Ferroluce has been given a special coating that makes the lamp look slightly worn. In addition, the lamp consists of a brown and twisted cable and parts made of metal. The ceramic plate has a diameter of 30cm. The Ferroluce lamps are handmade products, made for you on request and 100% made in Italy.

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Rechargeable table lamps

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Takku cordless table lamp by Artemide
Cordless and rechargeable LED table lamp Takku by Artemide The cordless designer lamp from Foster + Partners by Artemide is another table lamp that can be charged. Equipped with a 3000k Led, the lamp spreads light downwards and is dimmable in three levels. When the battery is fully charged, the Takku table lamp lights up for around 20 hours. Charging time is about 4 hours. Artemide Takku is made of materials such as steel, aluminum and techno polymer. The base has a diameter of 6.5cm, the shade has a diameter of 18cm and the total height is 19cm. The lamp is available in the following colors: white, black, grey, red, green and blue.

Variants from €275.21*
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Eeden M T outdoor table lamp by Molto Luce
IP65 rechargeable outdoor table light Eeden M T by Molto Luce Outdoor lights series Eeden by Molto Luce with rechargeable battery and IP65 protection. The metal base is simple and flexible. The satin-finish screen can be removed from the table base and hung on a rope or parasol for example. Thus the lamp head can be used individually. The LED of the Eeden M T table lamp spreads 140lm and is available in 2700k or 3000k. Eeden is charged via USB connection and can be dimmed in 3 levels. The battery lasts up to 11 hours at 100%. Other models available are a table lamp with table clamp, mini table lamp, floor lamp and pendant lamp.

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ROD battery light by Diesel Living with Lodes
Rechargeable table lamp ROD by Diesel Living with Lodes The striking design of the table lamp ROD by Diesel Living developed from a robust iron bar used in the construction sector. This resulted in a simple and solid base and a flat and round lamp head, equipped with a high-quality and rechargeable LED light source. The small and stable ROD rechargeable battery light is equipped with a 3000k LED, spreads 212lm downwards and has a CRI95 value. The wireless table lamp is charged with a USB cable (included). The USB input has a rubber seal and can therefore be protected from dust and water. Thanks to IP54 protection the lamp is not only suitable for indoor use but also for outdoor use. The lamp is switched on and off or dimmed using the touch function on the head of the ROD table lamp. Colors available are: Moss Gray, Soft Pink, Dark Asphalt and Ivory. The integrated battery has a running time of 8 hours at 100% luminosity, 45 hours at 50% and 180 hours at 10%. Charging time of the lamp is 3 hours.

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KUSHI 16 MOBILE LED table lamp by Kundalini
LED table light Kushi 16 mobile by kdln Kushi mobile table lamp with opal diffuser made of two layers of mouth blown glass and rechargeable battery (3,2V LiFe 2000 mAh). Metallic body availabe in three coating finishes: black, copper and brass. 

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