Outdoor lighting

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CUP flexible bollard light by Isy Luce
Bollard lamp with movable head CUP by Isy Luce The Model Cup from Isy Luce is a bollard light with a flexibly adjustable light beam. The head of the bollard lamp is equipped with a GU10 socket and can be rotated, making it possible to individually adjust the light beam. The bollard lamp is only available in anthracite and has a height of 80cm. Matching this bollard light, a bollard lamp with two movable spotlights and a wall light with a movable head are also available.

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Outdoor Gregg media by Foscarini
Floor lamp Gregg outdoor media by Foscarini A product of natural inspiration and extensive research, Gregg’s shape is reminiscent of a large pebble, its surface polished by the water. It could even be seen as the egg of some mythological beast, a symbol of creation and re-birth. Made of polyethylene, a light-weight material that is also shock-resistant and weather-proof. Outdoor Gregg is available in the floor and suspension versions, in three different sizes: medium, large and extra-large, to blend in seamlessly with any setting and create free compositions, in a game of different dimensions and heights. Affording a multitude of possibilities, for a dual emotion: by day with an organic and pure shape, at night with a warm luminosity. Decorative and lighting at the same time, the Outdoor Gregg lamp is ideal for a host of different situations: a covered terrace, a garden gazebo or a patio, but also an outdoor living area, expressing a lifestyle in pursuit of a new, refined relationship between design, nature and architecture.

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Reeds IP67 LED outdoor lamp by Artemide
LED outdoor lamp REEDS IP 67 by Artemide Floor light fixture with diffuse emission, with monochromatic LED light sources. Available with IP20 protection degree for indoors, IP67 and IP68 for outdoors. Light is diffused through 7 PMMA rods with different heights to give the impression of a groove of reeds and which can be screwed to the base by means of AISI 316 stainless steel bushes. Part of the light is also diffused on the floor around the base. The base has an irregular shape, which has been designed to allow a «mosaic» connection with other light fixtures so as to create an elaborate compositionas needed. IP67 and IP68 versions are available in Single or Triple shape. Consists of a base made up of a transparent polycarbonate casing Installed between 2 aluminium plates and anti-scratch support feet. Technopolymer aesthetic cover. Complete with integrated ballast and plug with transparent cable. Switching on and off are performed by means of the pedal push button located on the cable. Technical features in compliance with EN60598-1. Insulation class II.

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Sfere EST507 outdoor lamp, PAN
Series of rotational moulded thermoplastic exterior floor lamps with 300cm power cord.This is the biggest version with 56cm diameter.IP65

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New lighting and lamps

Round brass mirror with LED lighting
Illuminated round brass wall mirror with dimmable LED light source This mirror has a simple design equipped with a powerful LED light source. The wall mirror, suitable for the bathroom, a hallway or as a make-up mirror in a bedroom, is made of brass and available in different designs. The special thing about this mirror is the light distribution. The mirror has a protruding edge of 5cm on which the LED light source is mounted all around, thus illuminating the entire mirror surface evenly. On the edge there is also an on/off button with which the mirror can not only be switched on and off, but also dimmed. The mirror with two light sources has two buttons. This allows both light sources to be switched on and off or dimmed separately. The mirror is available in the colors black, brass and corten, in the dimensions Ø60cm (1500lm) and Ø80cm (2000lm). The mirror is also available in light colors 2700k or 3000k. It is possible to order the mirror only with direct light (LED only to the front) or with direct and indirect light (LED to the front and back).

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Collide H6 suspension light by Rotaliana
Pendant lamp with direct and indirect light Collide H6 by Rotaliana The Collide lamp has been around for a long time as efficient indirect ceiling lighting. Rotaliana complements the models with the Collide H6 and adds a hanging light. It is made entirely of aluminum and a glass lens. The large round disc with Ø65cm is extremely thin and is equipped with a total of 5 LED light sources. Light source one is in the middle, below the disk. This light source with 1300lm and 2700k is located within a round aluminum holder, also equipped with a glass lens that distributes the light downwards evenly and without glare. Four additional light sources are located above the disc and spread a total of 6000lm and 2700k upwards. The Collide H6 hanging lamp is available in many different colors. We have published a small selection of the latest colors online. The standard color is white and the satin colors (delivery time approx. 3 weeks) are graphite, silver, matt black and champagne. Other colors and the LED light color 3000k are available on request.

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Nautilus Dim-to-Warm lamp by Lodes
LED wall light Nautilus Dim-to-Warm by Lodes Equipped with dim-to-warm technology, this wall light is another model from the Nautilus lighting family. The two Nautilus wall lights are almost identical in appearance, but completely different in terms of technology. As far as appearance is concerned, the wall mount is slightly larger than the standard version. This is because the Nautilus Dim-to-warm is equipped with a driver. The two LED modules consume a total of 22W and spread a total of 2000lm with a light color of 2700k (100% light output). If the light is dimmed with an LED phase cut dimmer, the dim-to-warm technology comes into play. The more the light intensity is dimmed down (reduced), the warmer the light color of the lamp becomes. At 30% light conduction, the light has a light color of 2400k and a brightness of 520lm. At 10% light transmission it is 2200k and a brightness of 160lm. In this model, the two LED light sources can also be rotated by 320° and both arms can be moved by 90°. The light beam and the appearance of the lamp can be flexibly and individually adjusted.

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Maracanà glass suspension lamp by Ferroluce
Pendant made of glass and ceramic Maracanà by Ferroluce Maracanà is the name of the famous Brazilian stadium, whose shape inspired this model. The diffuser with a diameter of 37cm is made of glass, available in two colors or in white, while the upper part on the glass shade is made of colored ceramic. Inside the shade there is a standard E27 bulb socket.

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Designer Lamps

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Plena pendant light by Foscarini
Hanging lamp with indirect light Plena by Foscarini Plena is a pendant lamp by Foscarini consisting of a large diffuser that, thanks to its shape and rounded lines, appears very light, almost like a floating object. The lamp is suitable above a dining table, in the living room as well as in the bedroom and is glare-free because the light source emits an indirect light downwards and is invisible. The COB LED of the Plena hanging lamp is located inside the supporting arch and is made of die-cast aluminum. The light source shines a direct light upwards onto the large reflector, which then reflects the light downwards giving off a wide beam angle. In total, the lamp spreads 3530lm with a light color of 2700k. The pendant light also spreads some light upwards. The model is available not dimmable, dimmable Push/DALI or dimmable with Bluetooth (MyLight with Casambi App).

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SOL LED floor light by Rotaliana
Powerful and elegant LED floor lamp SOL by Rotaliana The floor lamp Sol by Rotaliana is an elegant piece, functional and powerful. Consisting of rounded shapes, the 185cm high lamp spreads a direct light upwards and a glare-free light downwards. On the upper side of the floor lamp there are a total of 128 LED points that together spread 5100lm upwards. On the lower side, on the other hand, there are a total of 96 LED points that spread a total of 1900lm and are glare-free thanks to the grid optics. This grid look consists of different squares and is available in the c