As its name indicates, this brand focuses on the past, reintroducing and expressing it with timeless designs. The structure of its suspended lamps, ceiling lamps and wall lamps has followed a tradition of lighting, which extends from Baroque-style lamps to polychrome glass experimental solutions.

With their stylish lighting, Vintage brand products provide an excellent combination of furnishings and decoration, luxury and functionality. A touch of glamour enhances top-quality products, with daring modern details to make the most classic shapes innovative. The Vintage brand also expresses the highly versatile nature of Light4, offering solutions for the contract furnishing sector, with custom-made lighting installations and services.

A new concept of luxury is communicated, and thanks to a combination of classic lines, modern taste and innovative materials, the product lines of this brand create highly attractive contrasting effects. These special features enhance the most diverse interiors, offer extra personality and place Vintage in a precise position: providing not only lamps but also sensations.

The design path followed concentrates on increasingly daring lines, for everlasting interaction between the past and future. Traditional refinement provides prestigious contemporary luxury in all possible contexts.