Lens LED wall/ceiling lamp by Fabbian

The LED ceiling and wall lamp Lens is a decorative and effective lamp by Fabbian.
Product information "Lens LED wall/ceiling lamp by Fabbian (F8 F46G0176)"

LED ceiling and wall light Lens by Fabbian

Lens is a decorative and effective lamp by Fabbian suitable as a wall and ceiling lamp. The lamp consists of a mounting carrying a round iron plate, which is perforated by circles of different sizes. The round plate undergoes various work processes before its completion, it is oxidized, brushed, polished and finally smoothed.

Between the mounting and the iron plate is a polycarbonate pane. Thanks to this lens, the lamp spreads a pleasant and diffused light down and an effective light on the wall.

Equipped with an LED, available in two sizes and in the colors: burnished satin, rust and bronze.

Manufacturer "Fabbian"

Fabbian is a company from Veneto with fifty years of experience in the interior lighting sector. The quality and elegance of Fabbian lamps go hand in hand with the company’s painstaking attention to how light is used, both at home and in the workplace. This Italian company collaborates with numerous famous international interior designers.

This aspect, as well as tradition have always been self-evident for Fabbian to get worldwide recognition for its products. These results were achieved through continuous research and interpretation of the requirements in the market and the development of specific policies and marketing strategies.

Fabbian defined with character new trends in the design world through a variety of styles using the latest production technologies. The Italian company is based on numerous well-known and on an international level in the field of interior decoration known designers.

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Designer:Lucie Koldova
Measures in cm:see picture
Light color:3000k
Bulb inclusive:yes
IP Protection:20
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