Nautilus LED ceiling light by Lodes

Rotatable and tiltable Nautilus LED ceiling light available in different colors and with glare-free light.
Product information "Nautilus LED ceiling light by Lodes"

Tiltable LED ceiling lamp Nautilus by Lodes

The Nautilus ceiling light has a round and flexible diffuser equipped with a high-quality and dimmable LED module to 2700k or 3000k. The diffuser can be rotated (340°) and tilted (90°). The lamp thus spreads either a direct light downwards or a direct light at the point where the diffuser is positioned. Thanks to the patented special glass lens, the light emitted is glare-free.

The ceiling model is available in the colors: matt white, matt black, matt chrome and champagne. In addition, the Nautilus lamp is also available as a wall lamp, spotlight and pendant lamp.

Manufacturer "Lodes"

Lodes - high quality designer lights

LODES, once known as Studio Italia Design, was created in the 1950s and consequently follows the path of the real "Made in Italy". State-of-the-art designer lights from Italy that even produce your own LED chips and modules and continuously develop them at the highest level of technology.

The designer lights are made from innovative and high-quality materials such as hand-blown Pyrex glasses and subjected to meticulous quality controls. A large number of products are also equipped with a patented special lens that form a unique light cone and, thanks to their shape, guarantee glare-free light. Luminaire series such as the Sky-Fall, Nostalgia and Rain are the end product of perfect development and sophisticated production processes.

We carry Lodes out of conviction because for years they have been one of the best and most innovative producers in Italy in the lighting sector. A company with heart and soul, a true Italian company, coupled with a hunger for technological progress. This combination is rare. Buy Lodes if you enjoy design and want something long-lasting, high quality.

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Article:Nautilus ceiling
Material:metal and glass
Measures in cm:see picture
Bulb inclusive:yes
Nr. of lights:1
Light color:2700k
Dimmable:yes (Triac)
Weight:1,10 kg
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Sky-Fall Medium LED glass lamp by Lodes
LED pendant lamp made of borosilicate glass Sky-Fall Medium by Lodes Sky-Fall Medium by Lodes is a timeless and ultra-modern beauty made from a resistant borosilicate glass. The designer lamp is equipped with the latest LED technology and a special glass lens that emits a glare-free and defined light circle on the surface below. Timeless designer lamp made in Italy The Sky-Fall pendant light is equipped with two LED modules, developed and produced in Italy, which distribute a total of 1815lm. The glass diffuser, hand-blown from the island of Murano, is available in the colors: crystal (transparent), metallized glossy copper, chrome, rose gold and glossy smoke. The colored glass is partially transparent when switched on and allows an effective view of the interior of the lamp, when switched off the colored glasses are mirrored. Two models are available, Sky-Fall Medium and Sky-Fall Large. The different colors and the two sizes can be combined and assembled in unique lighting groups. The models can be mounted individually or together on an elongated rail, available in lengths of 90cm and 150cm. There are also various accessories for the Sky-Fall Medium hanging lamp that can be ordered separately: Sky-Fall wall bracket Sky-Fall Short Track Sky-Fall Long Track Double canopy Sky-Fall

€674.54* instead of €695.40*
Delivery time 6 working days
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Bugia Double LED ceiling light by Lodes
Mirrored LED ceiling lamp Bugia Double by Lodes The Bugia family of lights, translated the word "lie", has a cheeky name for a high-quality and versatile ceiling light. The reason for this is very simple. At first glance, one could think that the lamp only spreads a direct light downwards. But if the lamp is switched on, you can see that it also emits an indirect light. The Bugia Double spreads glare-free light through two special glass lenses. The two high-quality LED modules of 15W each emit a total of 2490lm (2700k) or 2710lm (3000k). The versatile ceiling light is available in four mirrored colors (chrome, gold, black and copper) or in white matt. There are also the following models: Bugia Single, Bugia Triple and Bugia Mega.

Variants from €508.86*
€514.78* instead of €530.70*
Delivery time 6 working days
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Spider flexible LED pendant lamp by Lodes
Rotatable and tillable LED suspension lamp Spider by Lodes Update 2023: This is the new Spider pendant lamp with a low voltage LED module including a driver. A large noble pearl, this is exactly how this pendant lamp by Lodes is. Thanks to its flexibility, Spider is a versatile LED pendant lamp equipped with a modern and high-quality low voltage LED module of 1280lm (2700k) or 1300lm (3000k). In the lower area of ​​the lamp, the sphere is equipped with a special lens that guarantees a pleasant and glare-free light distribution. The flexible diffuser of the lamp can be rotated to 360° and tilted to 90° and is available in 6 current colors: white matt, black matt, chrome, gold shiny, rose gold shiny and champagne matt. Not only is the diffuser being flexible, but also the type of installation. The suspension lamp does not include a ceiling canopy, the ceiling canopy can be ordered as an accessory. A total of 19 different canopies are available with which different lighting scenarios can be created and adapted to different needs. Spider by Lodes is suitable as a pendant lamp over tables, counters, in the stairwell, as a reading lamp in the bedroom or hotel room, sideboards and for the living room. IMPORTANT: the ceiling canopy is not included in the price for the Spider pendant light, this must be ordered separately. The following ceiling canopies are available for the Spider hanging lamp: Single Mini Recessed Micro Wall bracket Single Standard Short Lights Track Long Lights Track 3 Lights Round Cluster 5 Lights Round Cluster 7 Lights Round Cluster 9 Lights Round Cluster 14 Lights Round Cluster 24 Lights Round Cluster 36 Lights Round Cluster 7 Lights Rectangular Cluster 14 Lights Rectangular Cluster 28 Lights Rectangular Cluster 1-4 Lights Radial 5-12 Lights Radial 13-28 Lights Radial

€295.85* instead of €305.00*
Delivery time 6 working days
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Nautilus Mini LED wall light by Lodes
Flexible LED wall lamp Nautilus Mini by Lodes The interesting thing about the metal wall lamp Nautilus Mini is the movable lamp head, equipped with two unique glass lenses. The entire round head can be tilted up and down (90°) and rotated (355°). The two glass lenses distribute a direct and pleasant light up and down. The Nautilus Mini wall lamp is equipped with two technically advanced and energy-saving COB LED available with a light color of 2700k or 3000k. The lamp spreads between 950-1030lm and is dimmable (triac). Thanks to its flexibility, the Nautilus Mini can e.g. mount above night boxes and not only used as a wall lamp, but also as a reading lamp. Of course, this LED light is also suitable for illuminating corridors or stairwells.

€289.93* instead of €298.90*
Delivery time 6 working days
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Nautilus LED wall lamp by Lodes
Flexible wall light with LED Nautilus by Lodes Nautilus is a unique and modern designer lamp for the wall that convinces thanks to its flexibility and versatility. The lamp consists of a round wall bracket from which two arms with diffuser, which can be adjusted independently at 90°, lead. The two round diffusers are equipped with an LED module of 12W each and have an inclination angle of 320°. The diffusers are equipped with a specially developed glass lens that emits a direct and glare-free light. The wall lamp Nautilus is available in 6 different color variants, with a light color of 2700k or 3000k and two dimmable LED modules. The Nautilus wall lamp is also available as a ceiling lamp, ceiling spot and as a Nautilus mini version. One lamp for different needs Thanks to her flexibility, this wall lamp can be used for different needs e.g. as a reading lamp in bedroom, as hall lighting, for lighting stairways and much more.

€426.02* instead of €439.20*
Delivery time 6 working days
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Nautilus LED spot by Lodes
Round LED ceiling light Nautilus Spot by Lodes The round LED spotlight expands the Nautilus family of lights from Lodes. Equipped with a special glass lens that guarantees glare-free and optimal light distribution, a dimmable LED module with 945lm and a lacquered metal frame available in current colors such as matt white, matt black, chrome and matt champagne. The LED module is available with a light color of 2700k or 3000k. The Nautilus family are available two flexible wall lights, a movable ceiling light, a fixed surface-mounted spotlight and a hanging light system that can be expanded indefinitely. All lights can be combined with each other without any problems in order to bring a uniform line throughout the living area.

€218.93* instead of €225.70*
Delivery time 6 working days