Make-Up Large flexible lamp by Lodes

Hand-blown glass lamp including LED suitable for a group combination on a single power connection Make-Up Large by Lodes.
Product information "Make-Up Large flexible lamp by Lodes (L6 15043 30)"

LED wall and ceiling lighting Make-Up Large by Lodes

The hand-blown glass lamp Make-Up Large by Lodes can be used as a wall lamp or as a ceiling lamp. Inside the lamp there is a dimmable LED module that spreads 1850 lumens with a light color of 3000k.

The round wall and ceiling lamp is particularly suitable as a group combination. The luminaire has three holes on the assembly. Power cables can be inserted through these holes (additional cable included in delivery) and thus several lights can be connected to one another, the cables are not visible. All in all, you only need a single power connection. The Make-Up Large can of course also be installed as a single lamp.

The following sizes are available as a group combination: Make-Up Small Ø 20.5cm / Make-Up Medium Ø 30cm / Make-Up Large Ø 40cm.

Manufacturer "Lodes"

Lodes - high quality designer lights

LODES, once known as Studio Italia Design, was created in the 1950s and consequently follows the path of the real "Made in Italy". State-of-the-art designer lights from Italy that even produce your own LED chips and modules and continuously develop them at the highest level of technology.

The designer lights are made from innovative and high-quality materials such as hand-blown Pyrex glasses and subjected to meticulous quality controls. A large number of products are also equipped with a patented special lens that form a unique light cone and, thanks to their shape, guarantee glare-free light. Luminaire series such as the Sky-Fall, Nostalgia and Rain are the end product of perfect development and sophisticated production processes.

We carry Lodes out of conviction because for years they have been one of the best and most innovative producers in Italy in the lighting sector. A company with heart and soul, a true Italian company, coupled with a hunger for technological progress. This combination is rare. Buy Lodes if you enjoy design and want something long-lasting, high quality.

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Article:Make-Up Large
Material:glass and metal
Measures in cm: 40x11
Light source:LED
Bulb inclusive:yes
Nr. of lights:1
Light color:3000k
Dimmable:yes (Triac)
Weight:3,88 kg
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DROP AP/PL wall and ceiling lamp by Itama by Light4
DROP AP/PL wall and ceiling lamp by Itama by Light4 When the lighting fixtures is off, the surface of the silkscreened glass diffuser looks like an even white surface, and you can see only the outlines of the floral decoration. When on, the surface is alive with different color shades, due to the number of silkscreen layers . Along the outline of the decoration, the light is clearer because there is less color; instead towards the center, where there is more color, the intensity of light decreases. "A drop in the sea. Like a stone thrown into water stirs waves and reverberation, light transforms and brings DROP to life. The glass diffuser, decorated by several layers ofserigraphy, give the product a decoration that can only be seen when the lamp is illuminated. The diffuser is also wrapped in a structural prismatic PMMA element that spreads the light in auniform manner all around."

Variants from €563.82*
€585.23* instead of €713.70*
Delivery time 14 working days
3 %
Make-Up Small LED lamp by Lodes
Wall and ceiling light Make-Up Small by Lodes Make-Up is a blown glass lamp suitable as a wall lamp and ceiling lamp. This model was developed for a group combination on a single power outlet. This means that there are a total of three holes on the assembly unit of each luminaire, through which you can drive an additional power cable (included in the delivery) to wire or connect another Make-Up light. This allows multiple lights to be connected to a single power outlet without seeing any cables. The Make-Up series consists of three sizes: Ø 20.5cm / Ø 30cm / Ø 40cm. The lights can of course also be used individually. The Make-Up Small has an integrated LED of 980lm with a light color of 3000k. The high-voltage LED does not require a transformer and is dimmable (phase cut).

€272.18* instead of €280.60*
Delivery time 6 working days
3 %
Make-Up Medium LED light by Lodes
Ceiling and wall lamp Make-Up Medium by Lodes Simple and flexible ceiling light and wall light consisting of blown glass, metal and a high-voltage LED. The Make-Up Medium luminaire is the middle of three sizes and spreads 1850lm, has a light color of 3000k and is dimmable with phase cut (Triac). The special thing about the Make-Up family of lamps is their flexibility. The lights can not only be installed as a ceiling lamp or as a wall lamp, but were specially developed for combined use. Each lamp has three holes on the assembly through which a power cable (additional cable included in delivery) can be inserted and additional Make-Up lamps can be connected. Thus, it is possible to connect many lamps with each other and that on a single power outlet. The connection cables from one luminaire to the next cannot be seen.

€372.77* instead of €384.30*
Delivery time 6 working days