2602A ceramic wall lamp by 9010

Cylindrical wall lamp 2602A made of high quality ceramic by 9010.
Product information "2602A ceramic wall lamp by 9010 (B5 2602A-41)"

Wall light in ceramic 2602A by 9010

The wall lamp 2602A has a cylindrical shape and is reminiscent of a rolled-up sheet of paper. There is an E27 socket inside. A diffuse light is diffused above and below. The luminaire is made of white ceramic and can be individually adapted to the colour of the wall or the surroundings using wall paint.

Manufacturer "9010 by Belfiore"

9010 belongs to the brand Belfiore. 9010 recessed spotlights are high quality products, completely made for LED bulbs or made with build in LED chips. This is a professional lighting family for serious projects, high quality buildings. The material (Cristaly) which is used by 9010 has several advantages. It is non toxic, paintable, non deforming, non flamable, uv resistant and has also a thermal resistance. 

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Measures in cm:13x40x12
Nr. of lights:1
Bulb inclusive:no
Wattage:max. 52W
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Maki pendant by Foscarini
Maki pendant lamp by Foscarini Take two sheets of paper and roll them up together, creating something that resembles a seashell or a flower. A simple, instinctive and almost infantile gesture, this is a shape that tells a story-a simple and intuitive object both poetic and beguiling. Maki was conceived by a spontaneous natural inspiration, becoming a design product only after a challenging development process. As if made of paper, two metallic sheets were rolled up and one slipped inside the other. Only with incisions, invisible when the lamp is assembled, could the creators obtain the proper play of light. The simple form of maki belies the complexity of its actual metal composition which plays with the immaterial nature of light integrating it as an important decorative element. The side glare is filtered by the edges of the rolled-up metallic sheets, creating a dynamic yet soft effect while light is also cast directly down, as a soft spot beam. This dual luminous effect allows maki to be charming all alone or in linear compositions to illuminate counters and peninsulas. The white or pale grey color choice enhances the pureness of maki’s inspiration; its lightness and poetic appeal is a luminous idea in any domestic or communal setting.

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2498 LED ceramic wall lighting by 9010
Modern LED wall lamp ceramic 2498 by 9010 The ceramic lamp 2498 consist of a mineral clays which is processed in a traditional production process by 9010 Novantadieci. The wall lamp 2498 has a modern and elegant shape. The ceramic lamp is not only resistant and light, it can also be ground or painted with normal wall paint. A wall lamp ideal for corridors, stairways, bedrooms, children's rooms and living rooms.

€186.07* instead of €226.92*
Delivery time 7 working days
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2503 LED ceramic wall lamp by 9010
Modern LED wall light in white ceramic 2503 by 9010 The model 2503 is a playful and modern wall lamp made of ceramic, a light and resistant material from 9010 consisting of special mineral clay and manufactured according to old tradition. The wall lamp 2503 is particularly suitable for walls of stair attachments, living rooms, bedrooms and corridors. The colour of the wall lamp can be customized because the material can be painted with normal wall paint.

€186.07* instead of €226.92*
Delivery time 7 working days
18 %
Plaster wall lamp 8418.108 by Belfiore
8418 wall lamp in plaster by Belfiore Belfiore was originally founded in 1969 for the production of typical handicraft ceramics in the area of Nove - Bassano del Grappa. Belfiore plaster lamps are a perfect combination of good quality and a cheap price. The italian design company is specialized on plasterlamps. A big advantage is the heat-resistent of plaster, so you can use very powerful bulbs without heat problems. Belfiore collections are protected by European and National Patents and Industrial Design.

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Delivery time 7 working days