Faya LED wall lighting by Morosini

Faya by Morosini is a wall lamp and ceiling lamp ideally suited for indirect room lighting.
Product information "Faya LED wall lighting by Morosini (E3 0660PP#06NEL2)"

Indirect LED wall lighting Faya by Morosini

The round wall lamp and ceiling lamp Faya by Morosini made of tooled aluminum is suitable for different lighting concepts. The LEDs of the lamp are located on the back of the round plate and are invisible. The spread a direct light onto the wall, which then reflects the light into the room. Faya is therefore a model suitable as indirect room lighting in a living room, bedroom, staircase or hallway.

Faya is available as a single lamp in different sizes or as a group combination with two and three discs. The single lamp is available in 20cm, 30cm and 40cm in the color’s matt white, matt black, brushed bronze and brushed gold. The light color of the LED is available in 2700k and 3000k. The wall and ceiling lamp is phase cut dimmable (Tiac).

Manufacturer "Morosini"

Morosini is a renowned manufacturer of lighting fixtures that pays particular attention to worldwide evolution in style, research and development of new designs and artistic expressions. The Morosini range of products stands in a class of its own, the result of premium materials combined with the innovative designs and skill of the company's creative group of designers who are especially dedicated to enhancing the expressive qualities of original materials rarely used in the lighting sector.

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Article:Faya PP 20
Measures in cm:20x8
Light source:LED
LED inclusive:yes
Nr. of lights:3
Light color:2700k
Dimmable:yes (Triac)
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Soho round LED lamp by Light Point
Wall and ceiling lamp with indirect LED light Soho by Light Point The SOHO series of lights consists of a total of 5 different sizes and 4 different colors and is especially suitable for creating unique LED lighting systems on the wall. Each size has a different depth. This makes it possible to mount the Soho luminaires overlapping. Each Soho wall or ceiling lamp is equipped with a round and dimmable LED strip in which the light color can be selected between 2700k and 3000k. At the moment of assembly, you can choose between the two light colors and set them. Thanks to IP54, the luminaire is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. You can choose from the Soho W1 (Ø 12cm and depth 4.4cm), Soho W2 (Ø 20cm and depth 6cm), Soho W3 (Ø 30cm and depth 7.6cm), Soho W4 (Ø 40cm and depth 9.2cm) and Soho W5 (Ø 50cm and depth 10.8cm). Each Soho is available in the following colors: white, black and gold. Other colors available are rose gold and titanium. These two colors also have an IP54 protection but are not suitable for outdoor use as the sun's rays will alter the anodised surface over time

€224.80* instead of €270.84*
Delivery time 6 working days
18 %
Azou flexible LED lamp by Kundalini
Flexible light points for the wall and ceiling Azou by kdln Azou is a lamp that offers endless possibilities for indirect wall lighting, becoming at the same time a unique and special decorative element, both for the wall and for the ceiling. The main element consists of a round lamp with a diameter of 11.5cm and a depth of 8cm. The colored cover is made of onyx (green) or marble (white or black). The illuminant is equipped with a 450lm LED, a light color of 2700k and it spreads a direct light onto the surface below. The individual points of light can be mounted anywhere and are connected with a thin cable. The cable has a total length of 15m. The special thing about the lamp is that the cable is wrapped around the individual light bodies and is therefore part of the appearance of the lamp. Models available are the Azou 3 (three bulbs), Azou 5 (five bulbs) and Azou 7 (seven bulbs) and two matching accessories. Accessories and two different mounting methods: Azou 3, 5 or 7 with power plug, driver and foot dimmer: with this variant, the lamp is supplied with a power plug, driver and foot dimmer. The round LED elements are mounted on the wall and then connected to a power outlet. The lamp is then switched on/off and dimmed using the foot dimmer. Azou 3, 5 or 7 with wall canopy + driver: with this variant, the lamp is supplied together with a wall canopy (in matt black) and a dimmable driver (1-10V and push). The wall canopy with driver is connected to a current outlet, which is then switched on/off and dimmed using a light switch. A connection cable longer than 15m can also be ordered on request and at an additional cost.

Variants from €955.50*
€879.06* instead of €1,073.60*
Delivery time 9 working days
18 %
Puzzle Mega Round Large by Lodes
Wall and ceiling lamp Puzzle Mega Round Large by Lodes The Puzzle Mega series by Lodes are powerful ceiling lamps and wall lamps suitable for indirect lighting of a room, for example behind a sofa or bed. A round and a square shape, two different sizes and four colors are available. Puzzle Mega Round Large is made of MDF (wood fiber disc) with a diameter of 80cm and available in matt white, red, taupe and matt black. The holder of the lamp, is made of metal in matt white. The back of the disc is equipped with a total of 4 LED modules (dimmable triac). The luminaire spreads 7000lm (2700k) or 7400lm (3000k). Furthermore, the Puzzle Mega is height adjustable. It is thus possible to increase (max. 13.7cm) or decrease (min. 11.9cm) the distance between the wall and the lamp. There are two useful accessories available for the Puzzle Mega Round which are not included and have to be ordered separately. Puzzle Mega extension: this is a metal attachment with which the distance to the wall can be increased from a minimum of 21.1cm to a maximum of 22.9cm. This makes it possible to enlarge the light cone on the ceiling. Accessory connector: this is a connection cable with which it is possible to connect several Puzzle Mega lights to one another and thus to connect them to a single power outlet. Each luminaire has a total of 4 connection points. It is possible to connect up to a maximum of 36 lights in total.

€980.39* instead of €1,195.60*
Delivery on request
18 %
Masai 90 ceiling/wall lamp by Icone
LED wall light and ceiling light Masai 90 by Icone Masai 90 is an oval LED lamp suitable as a ceiling and wall lamp. The lamp spreads an indirect light in the room. The main feature of the Masai 90 lamp is a large oval plate measuring 60x90cm on which two smaller oval plates are fixed. The two small discs are each equipped with a 20W and 1920lm LED and spread 3840lm together. The light sources cannot be seen because they are on the back of the two small panes. The light is beamed directly onto the large disc above, which then reflects into the room. The Masai 90 ceiling lamp and wall lamp is available in the following color versions (large disc/small disc): white/white, white/brushed bronze, white/black, gold powder/bronze brushed, gold powder/white, gold powder/black. Furthermore, you can choose the lamp with the LED light color 2700k or 3000k.

€774.31* instead of €944.28*
NOVELTY: Delivery time 15 working days
20 %
Collide H3 ceiling/wall lighting by Rotaliana
LED ceiling and wall lamp Collide H3 by Rotaliana Another wall and ceiling light that offers indirect lighting in a room is the Rotaliana lamp Collide H3. It is the largest and most powerful of a total of 4 different models: Collide H0, Collide H1, Collide H2 and Collide H3. The wall lamp and ceiling lamp Collide H3 is suitable for indirect room lighting. Thanks to the LED light sources located on the back of the round disc, the light is radiated directly onto the wall which then reflects the light into the room. The lamp has a diameter of 49.5cm and is equipped with a total of three LED modules. Together they spread 5100lm, have a CRI90 value and are available in the light colors 2700k or 3000k. The LEDs are phase cut dimmable (Triac). Collide H3 is available in the standard color matt white. Other colors are still available (with delivery time 3-4 weeks): matt black, champagne and graphite.

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Delivery time 7-14 working days
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Essenza D LED lighting by Icone
LED wall and ceiling lamp Essenza D by Icone Essenza is another lamp by Icone perfectly suited for indirect room lighting that not only spreads atmosphere, but is also an eye-catcher. Essenza D is suitable as a wall lamp and also as a ceiling lamp. The lamp consists of two parts. On the one hand it consists of a round, thin disc that reflects the light into the room and on the other hand, two metal strips that are parallel to the disc and carry the LED light source (2700k or 3000k). The metal strips are not in the middle of the Essenza D, but on the sides above the reflector. The lamp can be mounted in any direction, thus changing the position of the metal strips on the lamp. The Essenza D ceiling and wall lamp is available in 4 different sizes: Ø 30cm, Ø 47cm, Ø 70cm and Ø 90cm. The lamp is also available in different colors (round disc/metal rods): gold powder/brushed bronze, gold powder/black, gold powder/white, white/white and white/black. Other colors are available on request (see images for color combinations).

€276.11* instead of €336.72*
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15 %
Bulbullia LED lighting by Luceplan
LED wall and ceiling lamp Bulbullia by Luceplan Bulbullia by Luceplan is a unique designer lamp that not only spreads light, but can also be used as a piece of furniture in a room. Its special appearance is created by elements of different sizes that are connected to one another and whose shape is reminiscent of soap bubbles. The differently sized elements are made of polycarbonate and are slightly curved. In the middle of each bubble is a dimmable LED module with a warm light. The light from the LEDs shines on each individual panel which then reflects the light into the room. The Bulbullia is an indirectly illuminated wall and ceiling lamp. The Bulbullia lamp is available in two different sizes: 37x31cm with 3 LED light sources and 37x62cm with 5 LED light sources. Bulbullia is dimmable either trailing edge (Triac) or Push/Dali.

€423.30* instead of €498.00*
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Faya Duo and Trio by Morosini
Indirect LED lighting Faya Duo und Faya Trio by Morosini The indirect LED lamps Faya Duo and Faya Trio are suitable as wall lights and ceiling lights. Faya Duo (30x48cm) consists of two round discs and Faya Trio (63x55cm) consists of three round discs. The discs are connected to each other on a bracket, have different sizes and overlap. They are made of tooled aluminum. Both models are equipped with dimmable LEDs (phase cut), available in 2700k or 3000k. The round discs are available in 4 colors: matt white, matt black, brushed bronze and brushed gold.

€640.26* instead of €800.32*
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4582 Moonlight wall/ceiling light Ø50 by Egoluce
LED ceiling and wall lamp Moonlight Ø50 by Egoluce Ceiling and wall lighting Moonlight for radial emission, available in two diameters: 50 and 70cm and three light tones (2700, 3000 e 4000K). Converter and LED source included. The MDF special finish can be easily painted with the standard water paint commonly used for interiors. Frame in aluminum and internal diffuser in opal polycarbonate. The smaller option is also available with a mirror disc. Starting from a single electrical outlet it is possible to create a composition overlapping more elements by means of a specific kit to order separately.

€344.53* instead of €430.66*
Delivery on request
18 %
VERA LED wall and ceiling light by Icone
LED ceiling and wall lamp VERA by Icone Vera ceiling or wall lamp aluminium light fitting with different finishes and wattages. Adjustable light disc, 360° parallel. Direct/indirect high efficiency LED light emission. Driver included. To request available in 2700°K LED color temperature, 1-10V/push or DALI dimmable version.

€406.16* instead of €495.32*
Delivery time 15 working days