Doi LED lighting by Luceplan

LED wall and ceiling spotlight Doi by Luceplan with rotatable mounting and LED light source available in 2700k or 3000k.
Product information "Doi LED lighting by Luceplan (L3 1A050ADW0002)"

LED spot for the wall and ceiling Doi by Luceplan

Doi by Luceplan is a lamp consisting of two elements. The first element consists of a round holder with a diameter of 6cm and a depth/height of 10.5cm. Element two is a flexible tube with a diameter of 2.5cm and a length of 18cm, equipped with a 2700k or 3000k LED. The entire lamp can be rotated (340°) or just the spot (265°).

The LED Spot Doi is suitable as a wall light e.g., as a reading light next to a bed or sofa or as a flexible spotlight on the ceiling. The lamp is available in different color combinations: black/black, white/white, black/brass, white/black and black/white. The two versions with a white spot have a grooved surface structure and the black and brass spot have a smooth surface.

Manufacturer "Luceplan"

Luceplan was set up with the object of creating and producing interior and exterior lighting and to enhance the quality of living. Energy saving is therefore a top priority and cannot be confined to the ratio of lighting to energy consumption: it must embrace the environmental compatibility of our whole operation – from choice of materials to the manufacturing process, from product durability to product maintenance. If an object is to last, it needs to be beautiful as well as technologically sound. But a long-lasting product also offers better environmental compatibility and it outlives fashions.

It is so deeply interiorised that it has not been emphasized, consistently with the company’s natural, instinctive attitude. Luceplan has always kept aloof from new but often empty proclamations. And in the sea of high-flown declarations and statements that abound in the world of design, Luceplan has a clear and precise vision of sustainabilty: “Design also focuses on easy, differentiated waste recovery and on weathering seasonal trends. It rationalises the assembly process to compress packaging volume, and makes use of the ultimate, highly efficient light sources."

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Material:aluminum and iron
Measures in cm:see picture
Light source:LED
LED inclusive:yes
Nr. of lights:1
Light color:2700k
Dimmable:yes (Phase cut)
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Luxy H0 Glam flexible lamp by Rotaliana
Flexible wall lamp and ceiling lamp Luxy H0 Glam by Rotaliana Luxy Glam is an extension of the successful Luxy lamp series by Rotaliana. The special thing about the Luxy Glam series is the diffuser made of glossy glass available in the colors: white glossy, gold glossy, copper glossy and smoky glossy. The metal structure on the other hand is in metallic black and thus complements the glass head perfectly. The Luxy H0 Glam can be mounted as a ceiling lamp or as a wall lamp. The lamp head can be tilted and rotated and thus offers maximum flexibility on the wall and ceiling. Inside there is an E14 socket. As soon as the lamp is switched on, the glass becomes slightly transparent and allows the light source to shine through. The lamp family Luxy Glam also consists of a table lamp, floor lamp, wall and ceiling lamp and hanging lamp.

Variants from €196.08*
€202.08* instead of €246.44*
Delivery on request
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String H0 wall spotlight by Rotaliana
Flexible LED wall spotlight String H0 by Rotaliana The small and compact spotlight by Rotaliana consists of a wall mounting and a movable light head with a diameter of 10.5cm. The head is equipped with a high-quality and dimmable LED, spreads 700lm with a light color of 2700k. String H0 is a simple and flexible wall spotlight available in the standard color black matt and white matt, as well as in satin colors such as graphite, silver and champagne. In addition to the String spotlight, the lamp series consists of various wall lamps, table lamps and floor lamps. Important: the delivery time for satin colors is 5 weeks. The String H0 wall light is not only available in different color combinations, but also in two versions: Model 1 has a dimmable LED with a light color of 2700k. Model 2 has a dim to warm LED with a light color of 2500k to 4000k. This means, that if the light is set to maximum (700lm) then the light has a light color of 4000k. If the light intensity is then dimmed (reduced) the light gets warmer and warmer up to 2500k (100lm).

€228.09* instead of €278.16*
Delivery time 7-14 working days
14 %
Tolomeo Faretto wall lamp by Artemide
Wall lighting Tolomeo Faretto by Artemide The Artemide wall light Tolomeo Faretto is a small and effective wall spotlight, which consists of the movable light head of the well-known Tolomeo lamp family and is located on a wall bracket. Perfectly suited as a reading light next to the bed or as a reading light above a table. The model is available in different versions, with the dimensions always remaining the same. The lamp is available with an E27 socket (not dimmable) or LED module (not dimmable or dimmable). Furthermore, the lamp is available either with or without an on/off button on the lamp. The integrated LED module is available in a light color of 2700k or 3000k.

€150.50* instead of €175.00*
Delivery time 14 working days
17 %
Matita 4631 wall lighting by Egoluce
Movable LED wall lamp 4631 Matita by Egoluce The model Matita 4631 is a simple and extremely flexible wall lamp. Their appearance allows them to be installed in different furnishing styles. The lamp consists of a 12.5x12.5cm wall bracket on which a flexible light body is fixed. The 55cm long light bar, equipped with a 2700k or 3000k LED, can be rotated (355°) and tilted (90°). The wall lamp 4631 Matita can be mounted as an indirect wall light or as a reading light next to the bed, next to a sofa or a reading chair. The possibilities are versatile thanks to your flexibility and the simple and thin design.

€177.21* instead of €213.50*
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PETRA 26.L LED reading wall lamp by Icone
LED wall lamp for bedroom PETRA 21.L by Icone The practical and flexible wall or reading light PETRA 21.L by Icone consists of three parts: a wall plate, a second plate and a reading arm. The lamp is available in 13 different color variations and equipped with two LED light sources. The first square plate is fixed and is mounted on the wall. On the fixed mounting plate there is a reading arm with a LED at 500lm and a second square disk with a LED at 2598lm. The reading arm and the second angular disk are connected and can be rotated together.

€346.74* instead of €357.46*
Delivery time 15 working days
18 %
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LED wall lamp for reading String W0 by Rotaliana String is a product family consisting of several models. The String W0 is a shortened wall version suitable for example over bedside tables in the bedroom or a reading chair. The flexible structure of the reading lamp is made of aluminum and the swiveling head is made of plastic. Everything is connected with a colored and elastic cable sheathed in synthetic colored fabric. The wall light is equipped with a dimmable LED light source, touch-sensitive switch on the diffuser and spreads max. 700 lumens. Important: the satin colors black matt, graphite, silver and champagne have a delivery time of 5-6 weeks. The String W0 wall light is not only available in different color combinations, but also in two versions: Model 1 has a dimmable LED with a light color of 2700k. Model 2 has a dim to warm LED with a light color of 2500k to 4000k. This means, that if the light is set to maximum (700lm) then the light has a light color of 4000k. If the light intensity is then dimmed (reduced) the light gets warmer and warmer up to 2500k (100lm).

€289.12* instead of €352.58*
Delivery time 7-14 working days
10 %
A-3571 CANUT reading/wall lamp by Estiluz
Reading and wall lamp LED Canut A-3571 by Estiluz The lamp A-3571 Canut by Estiluz is a wall and reading lamp. It consists of a wall bracket and two different light sources. A metal tube has a length of 21.7cm and equipped with a LED to 145lm. This light source is fixed and intended to project a diffused light on the wall. The second and smaller metal tube is a flexible arm (330° rotation) suitable for example to reading, has a length of 12,65cm and spreads 381lm. The lamp is available in the colors: white, black and nickel. Canut A-3571 is a flexible and versatile reading and wall lamp for bedrooms, children's rooms, living rooms, hotel rooms, corridors and day WC.

€525.94* instead of €584.38*
Delivery time 2 working days
10 %
Volta rotating LED reading lamp by Estiluz
Flexible LED wall and reading lamp Volta by Estiluz Volta is a flexible LED reading light for the wall made of metal, aluminum and a lens made of PMMA. The luminaire consists of a wall mounting on which a 180° movable and semicircular reading arm is attached. The reading arm of the lamp is available in two different lengths. The model A-3530 has a reading arm of 36,8cm and the model A-3531 has a reading arm of 62,3cm. Both models have an LED to 665lm (2700k) or 703lm (3000k). Available colors: white or black. In addition, there is the possibility to order the complete lamp in black with diffuser in the color satin gold. On request, the reading and wall lamp can also be ordered with a power plug.

€388.69* instead of €431.88*
Delivery time 21 working days
10 %
FLO Wall led reading lamp by Lumina
Flexible LED reading lamp FLO Wall by Lumina The reading lamp Flo Wall complements a versatile and large family of Lumina lamps, consisting of: table lamps, floor lamps and wall lamps. Thanks to its flexibility, the lamp is suitable as a reading lamp in bedrooms, children's rooms and in hotel rooms. Flo Wall consists of a slim aluminium frame, a minimalist lamp head in which the LED module is located and a power plug. The head can be turned by 300° and the light arm by 180°. The entire lamp is mounted and fixed on a stable wall bracket (with integrated water level). There is a push switch on the side of the lamp head with which the lamp is switched on with the first click, with the second click the light intensity is halved and switched off with the third click.

€367.83* instead of €408.70*
Delivery time 7 working days
3 %
Pin Up LED wall/ceiling lamp by Lodes
Glare-free LED wall and ceiling light Pin-Up by Lodes Pin-Up is a small lamp with many possibilities. The Pin Up can be mounted as a wall lamp or a ceiling lamp. The entire body can be rotated through 355° after assembly, while the head with integrated LED can be swiveled through 90°. Thus, the lamp can be used as an indirect or direct light source, as a spot or as a reading lamp for example in the bedroom or children's room. High quality LED light source The Pin Up is equipped with a high-quality LED module (2700k or 3000k) with a special glass lens above it. Thanks to this lens, the Pin-Up lamp emits glare-free light. The high volt LED does not require a transformer and is phase cut dimmable. The metal structure of the lamp is available in matt white, matt black and matt bronze.

€272.18* instead of €280.60*
Delivery time 6 working days