Bulbullia LED lighting by Luceplan

Bulbullia is an indirect shining wall lamp and ceiling lamp by Luceplan available with 3 or 5 LED light sources that are phase cut or push/dali dimmable.
Product information "Bulbullia LED lighting by Luceplan (L3 1D950A300002)"

LED wall and ceiling lamp Bulbullia by Luceplan

Bulbullia by Luceplan is a unique designer lamp that not only spreads light, but can also be used as a piece of furniture in a room. Its special appearance is created by elements of different sizes that are connected to one another and whose shape is reminiscent of soap bubbles. The differently sized elements are made of polycarbonate and are slightly curved. In the middle of each bubble is a dimmable LED module with a warm light. The light from the LEDs shines on each individual panel which then reflects the light into the room. The Bulbullia is an indirectly illuminated wall and ceiling lamp.

The Bulbullia lamp is available in two different sizes: 37x31cm with 3 LED light sources and 37x62cm with 5 LED light sources. Bulbullia is dimmable either trailing edge (Triac) or Push/Dali.

Manufacturer "Luceplan"

Luceplan was set up with the object of creating and producing interior and exterior lighting and to enhance the quality of living. Energy saving is therefore a top priority and cannot be confined to the ratio of lighting to energy consumption: it must embrace the environmental compatibility of our whole operation – from choice of materials to the manufacturing process, from product durability to product maintenance. If an object is to last, it needs to be beautiful as well as technologically sound. But a long-lasting product also offers better environmental compatibility and it outlives fashions.

It is so deeply interiorised that it has not been emphasized, consistently with the company’s natural, instinctive attitude. Luceplan has always kept aloof from new but often empty proclamations. And in the sea of high-flown declarations and statements that abound in the world of design, Luceplan has a clear and precise vision of sustainabilty: “Design also focuses on easy, differentiated waste recovery and on weathering seasonal trends. It rationalises the assembly process to compress packaging volume, and makes use of the ultimate, highly efficient light sources."

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Material:aluminum and polycarbonate
Measures in cm:31x37x7
Light source:LED
LED inclusive:yes
Nr. of lights:3
Light color:2700k
Dimmable:yes (Phase cut)
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€276.11* instead of €336.72*
NOVELTY: Delivery time 15 working days
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€452.18* instead of €551.44*
Delivery on request
18 %
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€549.22* instead of €669.78*
Delivery time 7 working days
20 %
4585 Flower Maxi LED ceiling/wall lamp by Egoluce
LED wall and ceiling light 4585 Flower Maxi by Egoluce Flower Maxi is a ceiling/wall lamp for diffused light white varnished aluminum frame (RAL 9016). The asymmetrically cut reflector that makes the lamp look different from any viewpoint is a peculiarity of this product range. The high power led source is hidden by the central small disc. A special optic spread the light into the wide reflector creating a comfortable soft diffusion, never blinding. Flower Maxi are predisposed for installation in multiple compositions (starting from a single cable outlet on the wall).

€453.84* instead of €567.30*
Delivery time 7 working days
18 %
VERA LED wall and ceiling light by Icone
LED ceiling and wall lamp VERA by Icone Vera ceiling or wall lamp aluminium light fitting with different finishes and wattages. Adjustable light disc, 360° parallel. Direct/indirect high efficiency LED light emission. Driver included. To request available in 2700°K LED color temperature, 1-10V/push or DALI dimmable version.

€406.16* instead of €495.32*
Delivery time 15 working days