Aplomb mini pendant lamp by Foscarini

Aplomb mini by Foscarini is a design pendant lamp made of cement with a GU10 socket.
Product information "Aplomb mini pendant lamp by Foscarini (F1 FN195027R1_27)"

Cement suspension lamp Aplomb mini by Foscarini

The Aplomb mini pendant light is the smallest of a total of four hanging models. Like the larger models, the Aplomb mini consists of a cement body manufactured using a complex casting process. Inside the lamp there is a GU10 socket for GU10 LED bulbs, so the light intensity and light color can be selected individually by each customer. The lamp is available in the colors: white, grey, anthracite and brown.

Manufacturer "Foscarini"

The Foscarini keynote is research, into forms and materials, as well as ideas. Established in 1981 in Venice, Foscarini started out by exploring the opportunities offered by Murano glass. The management assures brand identity and coherence by wood and aluminium, as well as patented materials such as an exclusive textured glass-tissue and carbone fibre composite or Kevlar R.

The Foscarini collection is a collection of objects that express strong ideas and have their own personality. The collaboration with numerous, prominent designers, ignites their creativity and channeled their designs. A company with an agile production structure and efficient international distribution, Foscarini can guarantee it clients a high standard of service, as endorsed by the ISO 9001 certification obtained in 1996 (one of the first in the sector).

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Article:Aplomb mini
Material:cement and aluminum
Measure in cm:12x20, h. 330
Lights:GU10 LED
Bulb inclusive:no
Nr. of lights:1
Wattage:8W (LED)
Weight:0,70 kg
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Philips LED GU10 80W 2200k-2700k DIM
GU10 LED bulb 6,2W-80W 2200k-2700k DIM-Tone by Philips Economical GU10 LED lamp from Philips with 6.2W (80W) and DIM tone technology from 2200k to 2700k. DIM-Tone means that the light color is changed when dimming. At full power, the bulb spreads 2700k. If the illuminant is dimmed down (phase cut/triac), then the light is not only weaker, but warmer up to 2200k. Lumens 575lm and CRI90.

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Aplomb LED wall lamp by Foscarini
Wall lamp Aplomb by Foscarini Aplomb wall lamp is an exploration of the expressive possibilities of rough concrete made fluid in its mould and thrilling to see and touch thanks to its special amalgam. Like the original suspension model, the Aplomb wall lamp seems to come from another dimension: from the world of architecture and building - echoed in its raw material - to the domestic environment. The oblique movement of the diffuser merges into and dialogues with its supporting structure and allows for wider ranging light diffusion. The concrete blocks the light completely and then releases it from both the large opening at the top and the smaller one at the bottom. The beam of light directed upwards is reflected onto the walls and ceiling, lighting up the room without ever dazzling. The more delicate beam of light directed downwards, by contrast, creates a sophisticated interplay of light on the walls. Aplomb wall lamp is available in grey, a colour which highlights the materials used to make it, an elegant white and a warm brown colour. It is ideal in all rooms which speak a direct, minimalist architectural language especially if they make use of visible rough-hewn materials individually or in perspective sequences along walls or corridors. Wall lamp with indirect and reflected light. The lamp body is made of cement, consisting of a special amalgam coloured with pigments, produced by pouring the fluid mixture into a mould. Internal parabola-shaped brushed steel diffuser, mount and wall mount in painted metal. The light is also diffused downwards, through an opening at the base of the diffuser that is protected by a glass disc with an acidetched finish.

€409.16* instead of €498.98*
Delivery time 7 working days
18 %
Pendant Aplomb by Foscarini
Aplomb pendant lamp by Foscarini Aplomb is a small suspension lamp that creates direct and precise lighting on an underlying surface. Visible concrete is part of the expressive language of modern architecture and Foscarini, with Aplomb, uses this material with a spirit and a technology that is entirely original. The lamp displays a light touch of extreme elegance and formal simplicity, which softens the massive solidity of the concrete by enhancing its polished and yet unrefined material aspect. The small size of the lamp allows it to be used on its own (for example on a coffee table), in a line to light up a surface or even as a composition at different heights. It is available in three different colours. The choice of colours, with pigments added directly into the concrete mix, enhances the personality of the lamp in different ways: the natural grey bring out its materiality, the brown gives a touch of warmth, while the white highlights its elegance.

€345.14* instead of €420.90*
Delivery time 7 working days
21 %
2457.005 wall lamp in cement by Belfiore
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€63.61* instead of €80.52*
Delivery time 7 working days
18 %
Aplomb large pendant light by Foscarini
Aplomb large LED suspension lamp by Foscarini Aplomb large is a hanging lamp in concrete offered in three, coloured finishes which celebrate its personality, bringing together different styles. Perfect for occasional tables, peninsulas and counters, either on its own or in a group. LED technology now meets the textured and contemporary charm of concrete, in a new version of the Aplomb suspension lamp. The long life assured by the light source makes for a reduction in maintenance work, whereas its particular efficiency adds further value in terms of energy savings and eco-sustainability. 

€588.24* instead of €717.36*
Delivery on request
18 %
Aplomb outdoor LED pendant lamp by Foscarini
LED suspension light Aplomb outdoor by Foscarini In the outdoor version Aplomb is almost a return to the roots. The lamp was born by using concrete – a classic construction material – for a small indoor suspension lamp. Now the concrete makes its way back into the open air: with a material that looks the same, but has a different composition to stand up to weather. Aplomb is a reassembly of contrasts: from a hard, rugged, scarcely ductile material, comes a lamp whose thicknesses have been reduced to the extreme. Elegance, lightness, clean form: what catches the eye when you look at Aplomb is the sense of impossibility becoming possible. Not minimalism, but density: the process of subtraction is condensed in the form – a very simple overturned funnel – and brings out the materic impact of the concrete. Aplomb creates precise direct lighting. It comes with a long wire, to wrap around a pillar or a tree branch, reproducing the intersection of natural and constructed spaces that is a typical feature of the urban landscape.

€444.18* instead of €541.68*
Delivery time 7 working days