Elara medium round lighting by Lodes

Ring-shaped and minimalist designer lamp made of metal Elara medium by Lodes.
Product information "Elara medium round lighting by Lodes (L6 20621 2227)"

Ring-shaped pendant lighting Elara medium by Lodes

Novelty 2023 available from end of May

The designer lamp Elara by Lodes was inspired by the trajectory of our planets. The result is a hanging lamp made of two thin circles and a spherical light body with LED.

The outer ring with a diameter of 60cm and the inner ring with a diameter of 58.8cm are connected to each other, whereby the smaller ring can be rotated flexibly. The small sphere on the other hand is equipped with two LED light sources, spreads a pleasant light downwards and upwards and can be rotated 360°. One LED spreads over 2000lm the other over 800lm. Available light colors are 2700k or 3000k, dimmable phase cut (Triac).

By tilting the inner ring and rotating the LED light source, a unique play of shadows is created on the wall and ceiling which can be individually changed by moving the individual parts. The hanging lamp Elara medium is available in glossy black or glossy gold for the rings and ceiling rosette, matt black and matt gold for the metal sphere.

Elara medium, also available in a larger version, is suitable thanks to its round and simple lines over a dining table, in the bedroom and living room over counters and reception desks.

Manufacturer "Lodes"

Lodes - high quality designer lights

LODES, once known as Studio Italia Design, was created in the 1950s and consequently follows the path of the real "Made in Italy". State-of-the-art designer lights from Italy that even produce your own LED chips and modules and continuously develop them at the highest level of technology.

The designer lights are made from innovative and high-quality materials such as hand-blown Pyrex glasses and subjected to meticulous quality controls. A large number of products are also equipped with a patented special lens that form a unique light cone and, thanks to their shape, guarantee glare-free light. Luminaire series such as the Sky-Fall, Nostalgia and Rain are the end product of perfect development and sophisticated production processes.

We carry Lodes out of conviction because for years they have been one of the best and most innovative producers in Italy in the lighting sector. A company with heart and soul, a true Italian company, coupled with a hunger for technological progress. This combination is rare. Buy Lodes if you enjoy design and want something long-lasting, high quality.

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Article:Elara medium
Measures in cm: 60x400
Light source:LED
Bulb inclusive:yes
Nr. of lights:2
Lumen:2100lm + 800lm
Light color:2700k
Dimmable:yes (Triac)
Weight:1,90 kg
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Ivy I LED pendant lamp by Lodes
Ring shaped LED light Ivy I by Lodes The hanging lamp Ivy I by Lodes has a ring-shaped body with a diameter of 14.5cm and a total length of 4m (incl. cable). The simple metal body is equipped with a 3W LED module on the underside. The light shines through a methacrylate diffuser and emits a round and even light cone. The die-cast zinc alloy ring is available in the color’s terra, champagne matt and black matt. The cable, on the other hand, is always black. Thanks to various ceiling rosettes that are available for this lamp, the lamp can be installed either as a single lamp or as a combination with several lamps. IMPORTANT: the ceiling canopy is not included in the price for the Ivy I suspension lamp, this must be ordered separately. The following canopies are available for the Ivy I hanging lamp: Single Mini Recessed Micro Wall bracket Single Standard Short Lights Track Long Lights Track 3 Lights Round Cluster 5 Lights Round Cluster 7 Lights Round Cluster 9 Lights Round Cluster 14 Lights Round Cluster 24 Lights Round Cluster 36 Lights Round Cluster 7 Lights Rectangular Cluster 14 Lights Rectangular Cluster 28 Lights Rectangular Cluster 1-4 Lights Radial 5-12 Lights Radial 13-28 Lights Radial

€165.07* instead of €201.30*
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Illan LED designer lighting by Luceplan
Extremely light hanging lamp made of wood Illan by Luceplan High-quality designer hanging lamp Illan by Luceplan made from certified FSC® wood (Forest Stewardship Council®). The Illan pendant lamp consists of individual and thin wooden rings, each with a different diameter. The differently sized wooden rings were fastened one behind the other, creating a unique and unmistakable shape reminiscent of a shell. This innovative pendant lamp by Luceplan is extremely light and emits a pleasant and diffused light of 2700k. Illan is available in three sizes: Ø 60cm, Ø 80cm and Ø 100cm. You can also choose from three different types of dimming: phase cut (Triac) or push/DALI.

€883.15* instead of €1,039.00*
Delivery time 7 working days
18 %
Elara large ring-shaped lamp by Lodes
Minimalist LED hanging lamp Elara large by Lodes Novelty 2023 available from end of May Round shapes, minimalist lines, movable elements and high-quality LED light sources characterize this unique designer pendant lamp from Lodes. Elara, as the lamp is called, was inspired by the trajectories of the planets in our solar system. The main feature of the lamp Elara large are two large and thin rings with Ø 80cm and 78.8cm. On the large ring there is a 360° tilting sphere equipped with two LED modules, one above of 2000lm and the other above of 800lm. The smaller ring, on the other hand, can be rotated individually. By turning the small ring and the light source, a play of light and shadow is created on the wall and ceiling. If you change the angle of the light source or the ring, the play of light and shadow also changes. The metal structure of the Elara large pendant lamp is available in glossy black or glossy gold. The sphere on the other hand is either matt black or matt gold. The LED is dimmable and available in 2700k or 3000k. Elara large is suitable above a dining table, in the living room and bedroom above counters and reception desks thanks to its minimalist lines and bright LEDs.

€790.32* instead of €963.80*
Delivery time 6 working days
18 %
Hover LED table lighting by Lodes
Floating LED table lamp Hover by Lodes The designer table lamp Hover consists of a robust and simple metal base in matt white on which an almost floating shade is located. The illusion of the floating diffuser is created by a very thin metal bracket that connects the base and the shade. This metal bracket leads from the diffuser into the base and then a white power cable comes out the opposite side. The shade of the Hover LED table lamp consists of a very special foil, made of paper and polymer film. Inside the shade there is an LED and spreads 1000lm and a warm light color of 2700k. Another novelty is the power cable, which has a USB connector at the end instead of a conventional power plug. At the upper end of the metal rod there is an LED touch dimmer for switching the table lamp on and off and for regulating the brightness. Hover spreads a pleasant light all around and is suitable in the bedroom, next to a sofa, on a chest of drawers or a sideboard.

€395.16* instead of €481.90*
NOVELTY: Delivery on request
10 %
T-3636 Revolta LED pendant lamp by Estiluz
LED suspension lamp Revolta T-3636 by Estiluz The designer pendant lamp Revolta T-3636 by Estiluz is equipped with two dimmable LED light sources available in 2700k and 3000k. This model can be combined with multiple canopies and equipped with a colored sound absorbing panel. He is used to absorb room noise and to spread a better sound in the room. The acoustic panel is not included in the price and can be ordered as an addition. The T-3636 Revolta suspension lamp is available in black/black, white/white or black with the light bodies in the color satin gold.

Variants from €504.07*
€802.64* instead of €891.82*
Delivery time 21 working days
18 %
Spokes 3 LED suspension lamp by Foscarini
LED & MyLight pendant lamp Spokes 3 by Foscarini Despite its size, the Spokes 3 pendant light looks like a weightless body, thanks to its soft and gentle shape. The solid and thin metal rods are characteristic of the Spokes lamp. One LED spreads a direct light on the surface underneath and another LED module throws its light upwards and creates a unique interplay between light and shadow. A luminaire with multiple options The designer lamp Spokes 3 is available in white, black, graphite, copper and gold. The steel cable + power cable is available in two versions: 3.4m or 10m. The LED technology can also be selected for this pendant lamp: ON-OFF (non-dimmable LED), Push/DALI (dimmable LED) or MyLight (dimmable LED with Bluetooth including Casambi app).

€1,007.40* instead of €1,228.54*
Delivery time 7 working days
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Lighting Pad Lounge Vario pendant by Nimbus
Height adjustable lamp made of wood and fleece Lighting Pad Lounge Vario by Nimbus  Innovation, state-of-the-art technology, unique design and natural materials, the perfect short description for the designer lamp Lighting Pad Lounge Vario by Nimbus, Made in Germany.  Lighting Pad Lounge Vario is a continuously height-adjustable suspension lamp without the use of tools through a range of 150cm and consists of high-quality molded wood in the upper area, available in three different wood colors: Black Cherry, Classic Oak and Santos Palisander. The lower side of the lamp consists of an embossed acoustic fleece and is available in three current colors such as black, grey and white, it also serves as a sound absorber and thus contributes to pleasant room acoustics.  Technical know-how of a unique designer lamp  Between wood and fleece there is the latest technology equipped with many functions and powerful LED modules. The lamp emits direct light downwards with a beam angle of 80° and a total of 1700lm. The LEDs are barely visible in the fleece and are surrounded by a specially developed lens. The light is bundled homogeneously by the lens, is glare-free and ensures perfect illumination.  Upwards however, the luminaire spreads indirect light with a beam angle of 100° and a total of 1800lm to brighten the room. The upper LEDs are located in a parabolic reflector that spreads soft, yet powerful indirect light.  Both light sources can be individually switched on or off or their brightness can be regulated separately from one another. The light color can be continuously adjusted on the luminaire from 2700k to 4000k.  The Lighting Pad Lounge Vario is controlled via sensor controls in the luminaire or via an app (smartphone or tablet). For sensor operation on the luminaire, a subtle hand movement over the sensor is sufficient to switch the luminaire on and off, to dim it and to change the color temperature.

€2,834.50* instead of €3,149.44*
Delivery time 19 working days