Azou flexible LED lamp by Kundalini

Azou by kdln is a wall lamp and ceiling lamp consisting of several round luminous bodies that can be flexibly mounted anywhere.
Product information "Azou flexible LED lamp by Kundalini (K3454113MB+345-PLUGEU)"

Flexible light points for the wall and ceiling Azou by kdln

Azou is a lamp that offers endless possibilities for indirect wall lighting, becoming at the same time a unique and special decorative element, both for the wall and for the ceiling.

The main element consists of a round lamp with a diameter of 11.5cm and a depth of 8cm. The colored cover is made of onyx (green) or marble (white or black). The illuminant is equipped with a 450lm LED, a light color of 2700k and it spreads a direct light onto the surface below. The individual points of light can be mounted anywhere and are connected with a thin cable. The cable has a total length of 15m. The special thing about the lamp is that the cable is wrapped around the individual light bodies and is therefore part of the appearance of the lamp.

Models available are the Azou 3 (three bulbs), Azou 5 (five bulbs) and Azou 7 (seven bulbs) and two matching accessories.

Accessories and two different mounting methods:

  • Azou 3, 5 or 7 with power plug, driver and foot dimmer: with this variant, the lamp is supplied with a power plug, driver and foot dimmer. The round LED elements are mounted on the wall and then connected to a power outlet. The lamp is then switched on/off and dimmed using the foot dimmer.
  • Azou 3, 5 or 7 with wall canopy + driver: with this variant, the lamp is supplied together with a wall canopy (in matt black) and a dimmable driver (1-10V and push). The wall canopy with driver is connected to a current outlet, which is then switched on/off and dimmed using a light switch.

A connection cable longer than 15m can also be ordered on request and at an additional cost.

Manufacturer "kdln"

Kundalini starts its activity back in 1996, when it developed the intuition of a new typology of lamps, extremely innovative and outrageous forms of light, symptomatic of a strong identity and a product culture expression of a universal language.

Since Kundalini has been considerably successful, to the point of being in Italy and abroad one of the most published company in its field. Kundalini has been classified by the international contemporary design community as a pioneering company not only for the development of the new themes that it has introduced and which are now very widespread, but also for the innovative spirit of its style and the advanced research work in new production technologies and the new materials.

draws inspiration from different worlds. From nature, industrial landscapes or the visual arts. In what is always a perfectly calibrated synthesis of function and emotion. Kundalini counts on the cooperation of emerging talents, internationally renowned designers and architects who are sharing and underlining the company mission.

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Article:Azou 3
Material:onyx or marble and metal
Measures in cm: 11,5x8
Light source:LED
Bulb inclusive:yes
Nr. of lights:3
Lumen:3x450lm (1350lm)
Light color:2700k
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