Rosée hand-blown lamp by Vintage

Pendant lamp made of hand-blown borosilicate glass and GU10 socket Rosée by Vintage from Light4 available in different sizes and colors.
Product information "Rosée hand-blown lamp by Vintage (MNA1LOSX+RSSVT17CR)"

Borosilicate glass pendant light Rosee by Vintage from Light4

With its new pendant light Vintage by Light4 is developing another unmistakable designer lamp. The special thing about the Rosée lamp is not only the hand-blown borosilicate glass, but also its flexibility.

The main element of the designer lamp Rosée Medium and Rosée Big is the glass diffuser, available in the dimensions Ø 20cm and Ø 17cm and in the colors transparent, fumè and amber. The hand-blown glass has a smooth and oval shape except for the lower area, which has a unique pattern in the glass that is a little different for everyone. The glass has a thread in the upper area that is screwed into a metal holder and can therefore be unscrewed again at any time, for example when cleaning the glass. Inside the metal bracket there is a GU10 lamp holder, ideally suited for GU10 LED lamps. So, you are flexible in terms of light intensity, light color and dimming.

You can also choose from three different metal colors or order the lamp with or without a ceiling canopy. The metal bracket is available in black, white or brushed gold.

Available on request:

  • multi- canopys (are used to let several lights hang down in the same place and then all of them to be connected to a single power outlet. The multi-rosettes are available in round, angular or elongated rails in matt white or matt black).
  • built-in canopy
  • power cable in black
  • ceiling rose in white
Manufacturer "Vintage by Light4"

As its name indicates, this brand focuses on the past, reintroducing and expressing it with timeless designs. The structure of its suspended lamps, ceiling lamps and wall lamps has followed a tradition of lighting, which extends from Baroque-style lamps to polychrome glass experimental solutions.

With their stylish lighting, Vintage brand products provide an excellent combination of furnishings and decoration, luxury and functionality. A touch of glamour enhances top-quality products, with daring modern details to make the most classic shapes innovative. The Vintage brand also expresses the highly versatile nature of Light4, offering solutions for the contract furnishing sector, with custom-made lighting installations and services.

A new concept of luxury is communicated, and thanks to a combination of classic lines, modern taste and innovative materials, the product lines of this brand create highly attractive contrasting effects. These special features enhance the most diverse interiors, offer extra personality and place Vintage in a precise position: providing not only lamps but also sensations.

The design path followed concentrates on increasingly daring lines, for everlasting interaction between the past and future. Traditional refinement provides prestigious contemporary luxury in all possible contexts.

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Brand:Vintage by Light4
Aricle:Rose Medium
Material:borosilicate glass and metal
Measures in cm: 17
Bulb inclusive:no
Nr. Of lights:1
Wattage:max. 8W LED (ca. 80W)
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Rosée Small decorative element by Vintage
Blown glass body Rosee Small by Vintage from Light4 The Rosée Small is the smallest of the three Rosée models and serves as a so-called decorative element together with the Rosée Medium and Rosée Big hanging lights. The glass ball has no light source, is not transparent but is mirrored in gold or chrome and is held in place by a steel cable. Just like the hanging lights Rosée Medium and Rosée Big (equipped with a light source), this glass body also has a unique grain in the lower area of the blown glass. This "dummy module" is particularly suitable in a group combination of several Rosée Medium and Rosée Big pendant lights. Together you can create a unique combination of lamp and decorative element. Attention: the Rosée Small decorative element does not include a ceiling rose (surface-mounted and built-in rosette available on request).

Variants from €91.56*
€95.04* instead of €115.90*
Delivery time 14 working days
Philips LED GU10 80W 2200k-2700k DIM
GU10 LED bulb 6,2W-80W 2200k-2700k DIM-Tone by Philips Economical GU10 LED lamp from Philips with 6.2W (80W) and DIM tone technology from 2200k to 2700k. DIM-Tone means that the light color is changed when dimming. At full power, the bulb spreads 2700k. If the illuminant is dimmed down (phase cut/triac), then the light is not only weaker, but warmer up to 2200k. Lumens 575lm and CRI90.

Delivery time 2 working days
Philips LED GU10 50W 2700k DIM
GU10 LED bulb 4.8W-50W 2700k DIM by Philips Economical GU10 LED lamp by Philips with 4.8W (50W), light color 2700k and phase cut (Triac) dimmable. Lumens 355lm and CRI90.

Delivery time 2 working days
10 %
Gem suspension lamp by Foscarini
Gem pendant light by Foscarini Suspension light Gem is an object that urges the observer to look and touch it, allowing himself to be seduced by the games created by the sequence of lines that flow across its surface: reliefs and creases in the material create irregular variations in thickness, making the lamp unmistakable, even when it is switched off. The distinguishing feature of Gem lies in its irregular glass surface, where the thickness of waves and reliefs changes continuously, creating unexpected and delightful textured and luminous effects.

Variants from €532.21*
€584.14* instead of €649.04*
Delivery time 7 working days
SOAP suspension lamp by Bomma
Pendant lamp Soap by Bomma Soap Bomma is an original and unique suspension lamp with varying shapes in hand-blown crystal, colors and transparency. The Soap pendant light closely resembles the characteristics and features of a soap bubble.

Variants from €622.20*
Delivery on request
15 %
Cloudy suspension lamp by Fabbian
Pendant light in glass Cloudy F21 by Fabbian Cloudy is a creative and original suspension lamp in blown glass whose diffuser reminds of a fluffy cloud. The glass body is white shiny except for the tips, these are transparent. Cloudy is available in 26cm or 40cm diameter and can be ordered with an E27 socket or integrated LED modul. If the pendant lamp Cloudy is used in a combination of several models then it seems as if you are sitting under a cloudy sky through which the sun is shining. The Cloudy lamp is also available as a ceiling lamp.

Variants from €405.04*
€430.36* instead of €506.30*
Delivery time 14 working days
3 %
Random Solo 23 glass lamp by Lodes
Hand-blown LED pendant light Random Solo 23 by Lodes The designer lamp Random Solo 23 floats like a soap bubble in the room and enlivens the ambience. Decorative and unique lighting concepts can be created with this hand-blown pendant light. Random Solo 23 consists of a mouth-blown and shiny glass ball and a silicone case. Equipped with an LED module of 5W and 450lm (2700k) or 480lm (3000k). The suspension lamp is dimmable and includes a transformer (350mA). The lighting family Random Solo is available in the dimensions Ø 10cm, Ø 12cm, Ø 14cm, Ø 18cm, Ø 23cm and Ø 28cm. You can also choose from the following colors: transparent, frosted white and 5 metallic colors with a gradient (darker above than below) including chrome, gold, rose gold and glossy smoke. IMPORTANT: the ceiling canopy is not included in the price for the Random Solo 23 pendant light, this must be ordered separately. The following ceiling canopies are available for the Random Solo hanging lamp: Single Mini Recessed Micro Wall bracket Single Standard Short Lights Track Long Lights Track 3 Lights Round Cluster 5 Lights Round Cluster 7 Lights Round Cluster 9 Lights Round Cluster 14 Lights Round Cluster 24 Lights Round Cluster 36 Lights Round Cluster 7 Lights Rectangular Cluster 14 Lights Rectangular Cluster 28 Lights Rectangular Cluster 1-4 Lights Radial 5-12 Lights Radial 13-28 Lights Radial

Variants from €230.09*
€272.18* instead of €280.60*
Delivery time 6 working days