Eclisse SO COMPO modern chandelier by Vintage

A waterfall of crystals and light that characterize the pendant lamp Eclisse SO COMPO by Vintage.
Product information "Eclisse SO COMPO modern chandelier by Vintage (M2 ECLSO100C)"

Modern chandelier in crystal ECLISSE SO COMPO by Vintage

A waterfall of crystals, that's the right description for this stunning and special combination of pendant lights. Eclisse SO COMPO is a modern crystal chandelier that dips every room into a unique light of crystals.

The ECLISSE SO COMPO Ø100 consists of two pendant lights: 1x Ø50cm and 1x Ø100cm. The total height of both screens is 60cm and the cable length max. 180cm. In total, the two lamps spread 4080 lumens and a light color to 3000k.

The ECLISSE SO COMPO Ø150 consists of three pendant lights: 1x Ø50cm, 1x Ø100cm and 1x Ø150cm. The total height of the three screens is 90cm and the cable length max. 180cm. In total, the tree lamps spread 8330 lumens and a light color to 3000k.

The metal edges of the two models on which the crystals are attached are made of bronze or brushed gold finish.

Manufacturer "Vintage by Light4"

As its name indicates, this brand focuses on the past, reintroducing and expressing it with timeless designs. The structure of its suspended lamps, ceiling lamps and wall lamps has followed a tradition of lighting, which extends from Baroque-style lamps to polychrome glass experimental solutions.

With their stylish lighting, Vintage brand products provide an excellent combination of furnishings and decoration, luxury and functionality. A touch of glamour enhances top-quality products, with daring modern details to make the most classic shapes innovative. The Vintage brand also expresses the highly versatile nature of Light4, offering solutions for the contract furnishing sector, with custom-made lighting installations and services.

A new concept of luxury is communicated, and thanks to a combination of classic lines, modern taste and innovative materials, the product lines of this brand create highly attractive contrasting effects. These special features enhance the most diverse interiors, offer extra personality and place Vintage in a precise position: providing not only lamps but also sensations.

The design path followed concentrates on increasingly daring lines, for everlasting interaction between the past and future. Traditional refinement provides prestigious contemporary luxury in all possible contexts.

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Aricle:Eclisse SO COMPO 100
Designer:Brian Rasmussen
Material:crystal and bronze
Measures in cm:see picture
Light color:3000k
Bulb inclusive:yes
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Eclisse SO RE crystal pendant light by Vintage
Suspension light in crystal ECLISSE SO RE by Vintage Eclisse SO RE is the angular version of this series, available in three lengths: 90cm, 120cm and 150cm. The composition of the pendant light is quite simple but the effect is even greater. In both on and off mode, as soon as some light falls on, the crystals creates a unique play of light. The lamp consists of a ceiling rosette, an angular body of bronze or brushed metal gold, on the outer and inner edge of crystal strands are attached with different lengths. Inside between the crystal strands, is located on the entire angular structure of an LED strip with a light color of 3000k.

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Eclisse AP crystal wall lamp by Vintage
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