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Egoluce was born in 1978 to manufacture high quality lamps for interiors.

The quality is the main purpose of our firm and the market’s results confirm our choice: a good designing, the best components and the right assembling give to our product the quality we look for. For Murano collection we only del with agents of the trade Consorzio Vetro di Murano to warrant the high quality of the glass, blown and worked on the Murano island by the local glass masters.

In Design collection the collaboration with qualified or young designers offers to Egoluce a product always of high quality and actual.

Global warming and the urgent need to drastically cut energy consumption and CO2 emission are now worldwide recognized problems. In this new era of awareness everyone has a role to play, no mater how small or big.
Egoluce is an environmentally conscious company and has revised his collection proposing a wide range of low consumption products which are highlightet by the mark ES (Energy Saving). This is a way to help consumers to make ecofriendly choices contributing in this way to sustainability.

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Siba 30 LED wall or ceiling lamp by Egoluce
131,70 Euroinstead of 154,94 Euro
35,26 Euroinstead of 41,48 Euro
LED table lamp Kalla, Egoluce
161,77 Euroinstead of 190,32 Euro
LED Spot Colibri, Egoluce
235,40 Euroinstead of 276,94 Euro
4541 Kalla DUE LED recessed by Egoluce
143,11 Euroinstead of 168,36 Euro
4540 Kalla DUE LED recessed by Egoluce
134,81 Euroinstead of 158,60 Euro
4533 Matassa wall by Egoluce
160,74 Euroinstead of 189,10 Euro
4052 Olimpia LED wall by Egoluce
141,03 Euroinstead of 165,92 Euro
1521 Aerostat pendant by Egoluce
591,09 Euroinstead of 695,40 Euro
4052 Olimpia LED wall by Egoluce
186,66 Euroinstead of 219,60 Euro
4534 Matassa wall by Egoluce
254,07 Euroinstead of 298,90 Euro
3098 Alba floor by Egoluce
337,03 Euroinstead of 396,50 Euro
3032 Olimpia LED floor by Egoluce
409,62 Euroinstead of 481,90 Euro
2130 Matassa floor by Egoluce
1.140,70 Euroinstead of 1.342,00 Euro
2129 Matassa floor by Egoluce
407,54 Euroinstead of 479,46 Euro
Alea LED Spot, Egoluce
223,99 Euroinstead of 263,52 Euro
2128 Matassa floor by Egoluce
265,47 Euroinstead of 312,32 Euro
4393 Alba LED wall by Egoluce
331,84 Euroinstead of 390,40 Euro
5227 Kappa LED ceiling lamp
458,35 Euroinstead of 539,24 Euro
5186 Fokus ceiling lamp, Egoluce
72,59 Euroinstead of 85,40 Euro
5233 Prêt-à-Porter ceiling lamp
145,18 Euroinstead of 170,80 Euro
3505.01 Egoluce Baloon terra LED
346,36 Euroinstead of 407,48 Euro
5514.01 Egoluce Focus Maxi LED
253,03 Euroinstead of 297,68 Euro
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