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Morosini is a renowned manufacturer of lighting fixtures that pays particular attention to worldwide evolution in style, research and development of new designs and artistic expressions. The Morosini range of products stands in a class of its own, the result of premium materials combined with the innovative designs and skill of the company's creative group of designers who are especially dedicated to enhancing the expressive qualities of original materials rarely used in the lighting sector.

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Ribbon wall lamp, Morosini
264,08 Euroinstead of 334,28 Euro
Ribbon pendant, Morosini
340,22 Euroinstead of 430,66 Euro
FOG Bowlamp, Morosini
920,43 Euroinstead of 1.165,10 Euro
FOG pendant lamp, Morosini
387,45 Euroinstead of 490,44 Euro
Diamond sospension, Morosini
634,18 Euroinstead of 802,76 Euro
Washi sospension lamp, Morosini
377,81 Euroinstead of 478,24 Euro
Washi floor lamp, Morosini
936,81 Euroinstead of 1.185,84 Euro
SPRING SO2 suspension by Morosini
396,12 Euroinstead of 501,42 Euro
NEMESI 123PAE wall lamp by Morosini
407,69 Euroinstead of 516,06 Euro
Diamond TE floor lamp, Morosini
1.363,64 Euroinstead of 1.748,26 Euro
Ribbon floor lamp, Morosini
744,05 Euroinstead of 941,84 Euro
Ribbon bow lamp, Morosini
1.144,99 Euroinstead of 1.449,36 Euro
Flat wall / ceiling lamp, Morosini
179,27 Euroinstead of 226,92 Euro
Karat SO3 pendant by Morosini
383,59 Euroinstead of 485,56 Euro
Ribbon table lamp, Morosini
280,47 Euroinstead of 355,02 Euro
PANK SO 18 pendant by Morosini
331,55 Euroinstead of 419,68 Euro
IN & OUT PP80AL wall lamp by Morosini
336,37 Euroinstead of 425,78 Euro
SPRING CO table lamp by Morosini
210,11 Euroinstead of 265,96 Euro
Washi table lamp, Morosini
307,45 Euroinstead of 389,18 Euro
Flat PP wall / ceiling lamp, Morosini
428,89 Euroinstead of 542,90 Euro
Round PP ceiling or wall lamp, Morosini
205,29 Euroinstead of 259,86 Euro
Round PL ceiling lamp, Morosini
410,58 Euroinstead of 519,72 Euro
Round TA table lamp, Morosini
416,36 Euroinstead of 527,04 Euro
Round SO 15 pendant, Morosini
231,31 Euroinstead of 292,80 Euro
Round CO table lamp, Morosini
200,47 Euroinstead of 253,76 Euro
Show 1 to 25 (of in total 80 products) Sites:  1  2  3  4  [next >>]